Tower Fan vs. Air Cooler – Best Choice for Indian Homes?

Indian weather becomes extreme during the summers. With such hot summers, you need a proper electronic gadget that offers you a cooling breeze and some much-needed comfort. If you are not in the mood to splurge on air conditioners or relocate friendly, you need to choose between a tower fan or an air cooler.

A tower fan is a tall and compact fan that offers compact airflow in powerful blasts. An air cooler is another favorite gadget for summer, and it is a machine that evaporates water present on its water medium and creates a cooler airflow in the home.

But, which one is the best for Indian homes? Here are some key facts that can help you to decide-

Design And Space

The tower fans are known for their stylish and sleek design. These do not take a lot of space. In short, you can install a tower fan everywhere, even in your kitchen. So, if you have the lowest possible space available, you can easily buy a tower fan.

An air cooler can be found in different sizes and shapes. Air coolers come with movable wheels or can also be wall-mounted. You can choose any size as per your cooling requirement or space size. Moreover, you can also fit an air cooler inside any space. You can even mount it on the wall if there is no space available on the floors.

Cooling Aspect

In the case of cooling, an air cooler is a winner. It uses a specially designed evaporator that evaporates water from the water-dampened surface. The machine then channels hot air through the dampened surface, resulting in a cooler air breeze. You can also add ice inside the cavity of some air coolers.

On the other hand, a tower fan only channels the breeze in a particular direction, and it cannot cool the airflow. So, if you need a cooling breeze after a hot and humid day, choose an air cooler. You will surely love the cool and icy breeze.

Noise While Cleaning

Noise is another key aspect. You might not love a noisy fan or pedestal which makes more sound than the airflow. Modern tower fans do not emit noise. These fans do not come with exposed blades, which can cause sounds due to friction with the air. Moreover, these machines do not take a huge electric load. Hence, their parts remain sade and do not make much noise. You can hear a muffled noise that is uncomfortable and maybe only audible if the room is completely quiet.

Air coolers, which channel the air breeze after evaporation to offer you a cool icy breeze, may not be so noiseless. Although the modern coolers do not make much noise, larger machines often tend to make an audible noise. 

In short, air coolers are louder than tower fans. If you do not want constant mechanical noise, choose a tower fan.

Weather Condition

India is known for its hot and lengthy summer, But the weather and climate depend from place to place. In this subcontinent, you can find a dry summer climate in the northern part of India, namely Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and extremely dry summers in western states like Rajasthan or Gujarat. On the other hand, India has a humid climate in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu.

While a tower fan works in most of these cases and offers comforting airflow despite the humidity or heat, an air cooler might not be effective. Air coolers do not work in highly humid summer climates due to the high humidity level present in the air.


Both Tower fans and air coolers are great for getting a cooler breeze during hot Indian summer. Both of these come with their pros and cons. You need to choose the best possible option according to air cooling references and your city’s weather.  

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