List of Medical Devices You Should Have at Home

Starting from quick pain relief to a first aid kit, it is important to keep some of the important medical devices at home to ensure that you do not have to suffer much while you are in trouble. Medical devices at home can sometimes act as a life savior. These are the most important devices that one must have at their homes. Health hazards, muscle cramps, pain, etc. are uncertain and thus it is important to keep the necessary medical devices at home to help you deal with this. These kits and medical devices help a patient to fight any chronic condition. Having important medical devices at home displays you as a person who is always alert about all the health hazards that anyone may happen to face any time.

Thus keeping the various medical devices at home makes your life safer and keeps you healthier. When there is sudden suffering, you often feel like going to the doctor and take some medication. But, as it is a known fact, not every doctor is available all the time throughout the day. A sudden injury or a cramp in the middle of the night can put you in trouble, at that time you might get immediate assistance from the doctor.

In such a situation, some medical devices can provide you with instant relief or temporary relief. Thus these are often considered as life savior. Moreover, the people who has a patient in their homes, who has been recently released from the hospital, still need some extra care. In such cases, these medical devices can come handy and can help to deal with many complicated circumstances related to health.

A list of all the important medical devices that one should have at home:

1) Under Armour Healthbox

Under Armour is a leading device in the field of fitness and sports. But now in the present day, it is expanding into health monitoring. This is a ‘three device set up’. It includes a wearable tracker, a heart rate monitor and a smart scale. The heart rate monitor comes along with a chest strap. The function of the wearable tracker is to monitor the activities of the body such as the intensity of work out, steps, and the duration of work out. The smart scale, on the other hand, can track data for up to eight people at a time. All these devices are tied up together by means of an Under Armour App, making it easy for you to view data from all the devices from anywhere.

2) Electric nerve stimulator

This is a pain relief machine and is widely used by the people out there. This pocket tens massager that is used by pain relief electric pulse nerve stimulator machine can be powered by your smartphone via a USB cable. The three main functions of this stimulator is to massage, beat, and knead. Another most interesting and one of the most important features of this machine is that the intensity levels of these machines can be varied and changed. The modes of the function of these machines can be changed according to where you are using it like waist, shoulder, hands, legs, etc. This pain relief massager is well equipped with adhesive electrode pads which can provide you with instant pain relief. The advantage of using these devices is that it helps to improve your blood circulation, and lets you live a healthier life.

3) Portable Gluten Tester

This is a very useful device that is designed by a famous San Francisco based start-up, named 6sensor labs, Nima. This device is a smart, advanced and highly recommended portable gluten detector and is widely used by many people out there. This device can be a lifesaver for the people who suffer from gluten allergies or celiac disease. The functionalities of this device can be covered by using one-time-use test capsules and with the help of a proprietary app. This is an advanced and smart device and allows you to track the data as well as share it with others. So, now with this portable device, you can test the gluten content of the food whenever and wherever you are. These devices detect the amount of gluten in the food material at 22 ppm and above. It allows you to detect gluten content in the food following a few and easy simple steps.

4) Digital Blood pressure monitor

High or low blood pressure is one of the most common health problems in today’s world. Many people, especially from the middle age group tend to suffer from these kinds of health problems. But if you have a blood pressure indicator at home, you will be able to keep an eye on the level of your blood pressure and also take measures accordingly. These blood pressure measuring digital devices comes with a memory time and a display that shows date and time, helping you to keep a track record of your blood pressure graph. These machines also show you the average of the last 3 measured blood pressure levels. Apart from that, blood pressure measuring smart devices are well equipped with other functionalities like detecting irregular heartbeat, body movement detection, etc. As per the brand you are choosing, you will be getting a considerable span of warranty on these products.

5) TempTraq

It is very trouble and worrisome situation when your child catches a fever. It is quite a difficult and tricky job when it comes to measuring the temperature of a sleeping baby. The baby often wakes up in the process and starts crying and troubling. But still, it is very important to measure the temperature of your child when they are suffering from fever. Now, this process can be done very easily with portable TempTraq. This wearable smart device can go under the armpit of your little one and can easily measure the temperature of your child with accuracy. Also, most importantly, it can relay this important information to your smartphone as well. The most interesting fact about this machine is that this machine changes its color when the temperature rises and falls, attracting your attention so that you can be able to measure the child’s temperature with ease.

6) Withings Thermo


These device are ear based thermometer and are often fast. This device can be of two types. Under the tongue and beneath the ear lobe. The reliability of ‘under the tongue’ thermometer are more reliable and the ear based ones. But, this might take a little longer to detect the temperature. These devices are well equipped with numerous infrared sensors that help to get a quick and accurate reading of temperature from the ‘temporal artery’. 4000 separate and individual measurements are taken in just two seconds with high accuracy, just like the ambient temperature of the room.

7) Smart sock baby monitor

Newborn babies are generally supposed to sleep on their backs. But often it is seen that most babies tend to flip and sleep in their stomachs. This is quite a matter of worry for many parents out there. With this smart socks baby monitor, you can monitor the heart rate of your child and the level of oxygen of their body. In case of any trouble, this base station will produce an alarm to make the parents alert about the position of the sleeping child. Apart from that, this device will also send an alert message to the personal cellphone of the parents, in case they are not around the child or not within audible distance from the alarm.

8) Heart rate detecting wireless monitor


This is a smart device that comes with wireless features and can help a patient suffering from various heart diseases in many ways. This is an ultra-flat recorder and it clips on to a three-electrode patch. This is a portable and smart device that is needed to position on the sternum of the patient and it also keeps a close watchful eye on the ticker. This device sends immediate data along to the doctor by means of a cloud for approximately 72 hours or more. This is a device that can be helpful in both diagnosis and treatment. The victims of recent heart attacks can find this device as a real lifesaver.

9) Veta EpiPen Case

EpiPens are the lifesavers. These are the devices that are easy to forget at the time when you are dashing out of the house. It is a smart Bluetooth device that sends a push notification to your phone if the two devices get separated by a great distance. If you are not able to find a EpiPen, you can also use the corresponding app that will set a loud alarm to help you find the device.

Buying guide for various medical devices for home:

In the modern era, as technology advances, a huge number of medical devices become available in the online and offline markets.

Here is a buying guide for all the medical devices that you can buy to keep at home:

  1. Before buying, you must be assured of the quality of the medical devices. You must make sure that the product you are buying is quality assured along with the guarantee.
  2. Another thing you should keep in mind is the manual or the guide. The manual or the guide may not be always written in your language. But it is important for you to understand the actual procedure to use the device to avoid any kind of malfunctioning of the device.
  3. You must make sure that the company from which you are buying your medical device provides good after purchase service. The product should be covered under a significant warranty period.
  4. You must make sure that you check the trademark of the company before you buy the products to make sure that you are tricked by any duplicate product fraudulence.
  5. The units of the concerned measuring device is another thing to take into consideration. You must make sure which unit does the device use while measuring a particular physical quantity as different measuring units are used in different areas. This feature is to be significantly taken into consideration especially while buying online.
  6. You must make sure that you do not misunderstand the measuring units in order to avoid any misreading of the values.
  7. The most important thing that you should take into consideration is that you must check the expiry dates and other vital aspects of the products in order to avoid any malfunctioning.
  8. While you buy, make sure whether you can operate the device on your own. It is important to remember that you must be assured of the user-friendliness of the device you are purchasing. This must assist to all your medical without causing you any further unnecessary hassle.
  9. You must familiarize yourself with the medical device after you purchase it for the purpose of ease of use. You should know how to maintain the product and what might be the maintenance charge of the product.
  10. Another one of the most important things that you should keep in mind is that, if your product is battery powered, you must make sure that you keep some spare batteries along with you to keep the device functioning.

The above devices are the most important and necessary devices that you should keep in your homes. These devices are very useful devices that can keep you safe in various spheres of medical aspects. Starting from a healthy diet and work out tracking, to post-treatment care and baby care, these devices can cater to all your needs and can make you a more responsible and more alert human being.

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