Best Weighing Machine in India 2022

If you have embarked on a weight loss journey, you will be searching for the best weighing machine in India. Thankfully, you don’t have to look too hard as we have reviewed the top five digital weighing machines.

Finding an accurate weighing machine is essential, so that you can keep track of your weight loss journey. Many experts suggest that you should weigh yourself once a week. That way, you will be able to keep track of your weight and make changes to your physical activities and diet depending on which way your weight is going. However, it is essential that the weighing machine offers accurate reading and hence, you should carefully check the different weighing scales and make an informed purchase decision.

We have reviewed the best weighing machines in India and also created a buying guide to help you understand the factors that determine the quality and accuracy of the best weighing machine in India.

Best Weighing Machine in IndiaWeight CapacityWarranty
Shree Krishna Heavy Duty Electronic Weighing MachineFrom 7kg to 180kg1 year
Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic LCD Weighing ScaleFrom 2.3kg to 150kg1 year
HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Weighing MachineFrom 5kg to 180kg1 year
Holme’s Personal ScalesUp to 180kgNA
Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Platinum Rechargeable Weighing ScaleUp to 180kg1 year

Top 5 Weighing Machines in India 2022

  1. Shree Krishna Heavy Duty Electronic Weighing Machine

Shree Krishna Heavy Duty Electronic Weighing Machine is made from tempered glass and boasts an LCD display. The backlit display provides reading in kg and lb and also warns you when the battery is running low. It operates on a 3V CR2032 lithium battery. It comes with an automatic on/off switch; the shutdown occurs after 8 seconds.

The starting weight is 7kg and the maximum capacity of the weighing scale is 180kg. The tempered glass is transparent with a colored strip. Besides being accurate, this weighing machine also alerts you when it senses overload and denotes it as O-LD.


  • Automatic on and off enhances battery life
  • Precision sensors for accurate weight display
  • Overload alert
  • Maximum weight capacity of 180kg
  • Easy to use
  • LED backlit display
  • Lightweight
  • One year warranty

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2. Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic LCD Weighing Scale

Hoffen HO-18 is a precision weighing machine, with sensors for accurate weight reading. The digital display panel clearly shows the ambient temperature and weight. There is no need to bend to read the panel. The tempered glass surface gives the weighing scale a stylish appearance. It requires 2 AAA batteries to function and comes with a one year warranty. It has automatic power off and display when the batteries are running low.  The capacity of this digital weighing machine ranges from 2.3kg to 180kg. The drawback we noticed is that when the scale is moved, it displays inaccurate weight, which can be as much as 3 to 5kg different from your actual weight. Also, the scale is not waterproof, so you will be unable to use it right after your bath. Other than these issues, the Hoffen HO-18 is a worthwhile investment.


• High precision sensor for accurate readings
• Tempered glass surface for long-lasting durability
• Illuminated digital display
• Lightweight
• Automatic switch off to prevent drainage of batteries
• Weight bearing capacity ranges from 2.3kg to 180kg
• One year warranty

• Not waterproof
• Requires hard, flat surface for accurate readings
• Can display incorrect reading on moving the scale to another place

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3. HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 Digital Weighing Machine

HealthSense Ultra-Lite PS 126 weighing scale comes with four G sensors for precision reading. It is a lightweight machine that can be placed anywhere in the house. It comes with 3.5-inch backlit LCD screen for clear display. You will not have to bend or squint to see the readings. The default weight setting is kg, but you can change it to pounds, as well. It comes with one-year warranty. This weighing machine can also be used to weigh food products as long as their weight is minimum 5kg. It requires two AAA batteries for functioning.  Its weight bearing capacity ranges from 5kg to 180kg. While this could be the best weighing machine in India, we found a few drawbacks. For instance, the calibration process in the beginning is simple but takes a couple of attempts to get it right. Also, sometimes the scale may not be as accurate as you would like it to be. What we liked was that it has four silicone pads at the bottom to prevent the scale from sliding and it has automatic shut off to save battery life. The display also shows low battery and error.

• LCD backlit display
• G sensors for accurate display
• One year warranty
• Can be used to weigh veggies, cereals and meat products
• Weight bearing capacity from 5kg to 180kg
• Automatic switch off
• Made from durable ABS plastic
• Lightweight and portable

• Calibration process take more than one attempt to get it right
• Readings can be inaccurate at times
• Requires registration on manufacturer’s website to claim warranty

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4. Holme’s Personal Scales

Holme’s Personal Scales is refreshing to look as it is circular in design rather than the ubiquitous square and rectangle shapes. Made from heavy-duty tempered and transparent glass, it comes with an LED display that allows you to clearly read the weight without straining your eyes or bending your back.  The scale has load cell sensors that offer precision readings. However, you may find the reading 100g more or less than your actual weight. It is easy to use, as tapping with the foot automatically switches it on and the automatic shut off after usage helps save battery life. The weighing machine displays ambient temperature and alerts you in case of overload or when the batteries are running low.

• LED display
• Low battery alert
• Overload alert
• Stylish round shape
• Heavy-duty tempered glass
• Weight bearing capacity of 180kg
• Sensor system for precision readings
• Automatic off and on
• Lightweight

• Weight reading may not that accurate as the product claims

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5. Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Platinum Rechargeable Weighing Scale

Dr Trust (USA) Electronic Platinum Rechargeable Weighing Scale is approved by the US FDA. It displays weight in kg and lb and the machine can be auto calibrated by stepping on it. It comes with a backlit LCD screen and also has gauge sensors for accuracy. It is USB compatible and the USB cable comes with the weighing machine. You can charge the weighing machine through your computer, laptop and tablet. There is even a temperature display that shows the ambient temperature in Celsius.

It is made from tempered glass that is strong and can handle weights of up to 180kg. The scale switches off automatically in a few minutes. It provides alerts in case of low battery and overload. Even though it is made from resilient tempered glass, it is lightweight.

• Approved by US FDA
• Lightweight
• Easy to read LCD display
• Weight bearing capacity of 180 kg
• Tempered glass
• Rechargeable 500 MAH battery
• USB charging (comes with USB cable)
• Displays atmospheric temperature
• Automatic on and off
• One year warranty

• Readings may be slightly off at times

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The Best Weighing Machine in India 2022:


1. Is analog weighing machine better than digital weighing scale?

Actually, a digital weighing machine is better than an analog one, as it is more accurate and do not have to be recalibrated too often.

2. Are digital weighing machines accurate?

The best weighing machine in India comes with sensors. As a result, you can be certain that the weighing machine is accurate. Of course, you need to account for few grams plus or minus.

3. How do I know if my digital weighing scale is accurate?

Calibrate your weighing scale and ensure it displays zero as the initial weight. Take an object whose weight you know. Place it on the scale to check if it is giving you the correct weight. If not, you would have to compensate it using the error factor. Perform this test several times to ensure the accuracy of the weighing machine. If it gives precise readings, your digital weighing machine is accurate.

4. Why does my weight fluctuate throughout the day?

In the morning, you will always weigh less as you are just waking up after your beauty sleep and have not eaten anything. However, if you weigh yourself during the day, the food that you consume and the water you drink add to your weight. This is the main reason for your weight to fluctuate during the day. So, pick a fixed time to weigh yourself and do it just once a week. It will give you a more accurate picture of your weight and will not impact your confidence.


Out of all the weighing scales that we tested, we believe that the Shree Krishna Heavy Duty Electronic Weighing Machine has the distinction of being the best weighing machine in India. While it has the regular one year warranty, it was accurate, easy to use, and comes with a backlit LED display. We did not find anything lacking in the weighing machine.

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