Top 10 Best Wall Clocks in India 2022

Clocks are the most common object that is available in almost all the houses.  However with the passage of time the design of clocks has been modified to a great extent. Most of the people prefer to buy designer and stylish clocks for their stylish and modern house.

It is the clock that makes people aware about the correct time. So, clock is a mandatory item that should be present in every house.

Our Top Pick

In the present world, you can get wall clocks in different sizes and shapes. You can choose the best one from the whole lot. It solely depends upon the people which type of models or designs do they prefer. Almost all the wall clocks come in a different type of specific features and qualities. In order to know about the main reasons of the increased demand of wall clocks one should know about the actual advantage of using a wall clock.

The use of clocks was even present during the ancient time. But the mode of knowing time was quite different. People mainly used and relied upon the sands for getting the actual time. In course of time the concept underwent rapid changes and the wall clocks were introduced. The ancient clocks were much more durable in quality. It would last for a long time and most importantly people mostly preferred to use clocks that had pendulums. It used to ring after every hour. This was also considered to be the best one.  Now some modern and designer clocks have been introduced that are much more cost-effective and good.

The designs of the clock are also unique to a great extent. Modern people also have a great fascination for the modern clocks. This is quite nice and should be appreciated.

Bestselling Wall Clock Online in India

In the following parah we will come to know about the 10 best wall clocks that are available in India. They are presumed to be the best from all angles.

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo 12-inch Wall Clock – Classic Roulette

Amazon Brand - Solimo 12-inch Wall Clock

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Are you looking for some classy and trendy designer clocks then you should go with this one. It is a complete package that will help you to get the exact time along with adding an exceptional beauty to your house. It can help you to increase the look of your room to a good extent. This clock is crafted with wonderful materials that will allow you to look at it repeatedly without looking on the smart phones.  This clock has drawn the attention of many people from mobile phones. It is a great thing and it should be praised.

What we like

  • Dial size is 12 inches. This is a great advantage.
  • The material of the frame is plastic.
  • Clear representation of numbers on the clock.
  • No sound while tracking time. Neither beeps in any case.
  • Fit for any room.
  • Contains 1 battery with the clock.
  • Warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase.

What we did not like

  • Even though of high – quality but it should have used good tools inside the clock. Good tools will help in the long running of the clock without any such disturbances.

2. Ajanta Plastic Wall Clock

Ajanta Plastic Wall Clock

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We all know that Ajanta is a very renowned company and it has also gained good fame in a very less time. If you are searching for some classy and elegant wall clock for office and home then this is the best choice. It can be used for both professional and personal purpose.  It is made of durable and high-quality plastic so that it can last for a long time without any issues. The body of the clock is also designed with a classy and designer shades and it makes the whole look much better and nice. The dials are so prominent that it can be easily read by the viewer. It can be used in any place without any tensions.

It takes very less time to put the clock on the wall. There is a point on the back part of the clock so that it easily gets attached to any wall. You will be satisfied with the performance and service of the clock.

What we like

  • The material is plastic and of high-quality.
  • The wall clock comes with a battery.
  • It is ideal for any types of rooms.
  • The digits of the dial are very nice and can be read from a certain distance.
  • Ideal for enhancing the beauty of the room to a good extent.
  • It can easily fit in any walls of the room.
  • The quality is quite good and runs for a long time without any types of major problems.

What we did not like

  • The size of the clock could have been increased to a little bit. A big size clock enables for easy vision of the time.

3. Altra Plastic Pendulum Wall Clock

Altra Plastic Pendulum Wall Clock

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It is a unique type of clock that comes with a pendulum. If you have a great passion to put wall clocks along with a pendulum then this is perhaps the best option. There are many people who still have a fascination for pendulum filled clocks and so this is the right one for them.  It is light weighted and resembles almost like a steering of the ship. It has an hour, second and minute hand. It is equally responsible for enhancing the beauty of the room. The pendulum remains hanging on the clock and that is the most attractive thing about the clock.

What we like

  • Plastic material and comes in brown color.
  • Size is about 45cmx 35cmx 5 cm.
  • It is a step movement clock.
  • 2 batteries are needed for smooth functioning.
  • A perfect combination of state of art product. If you have a passion for traditional look of clocks then simply go for it.
  • It is portable in nature.

What we did not like

  • The package should have been better so that the clock is not damaged at the time of delivery.

4. [email protected] 10-inch Round Shape Wall Clock with Glass

Story@Home 10-inch Round Shape Wall Clock

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Forget about the days when clocks were mainly sued for knowing the correct time. Today’s clocks are much advanced and specific in all aspects. Most of the wall clocks are the inexpensive way to decorate the house and get the correct time. However, this clock is just ideal for any types of rooms, office, or place. It can adjust in any condition very easily. It is a perfect blend of excellence and beauty. This is the only reason why most of the people prefer to have it. The clock also has a very decent look. The presence of mounts on the back part of the clock is perhaps the most important thing.

It has a god demand in the present time. You can fix it anywhere very comfortably and that is the main advantage of using such clocks. As space is a great matter in the present situation so these types of clocks are the ideal one.

What we like

  • Presence of wall mounts on the back portion of the clock.
  • Step movement and ticking the clock.
  • Glass font panel and plastic material. It is durable at the same time.
  • Decorate the room with excellence, classy features and a touch of elegance.
  • It comes with the clock.
  • Warranty is provided right from the date of purchase.
  • Cost effective and premium product.

What we did not like

  • The warranty period could have been increased for the buyers or customers.

5. JaipurCrafts Designer Plastic Wall Clock 

JaipurCrafts Designer Plastic Wall Clock 

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If you are looking for some awesome product then this can be the best one. It is quite beautiful and elegant at the same time. It is quite responsible for increasing the beauty of the room. The traditional art work makes the whole thing look excellent. If you really like traditional look for your rooms then you can go for it. The design is so beautiful that it will also run for a long time without any problems. It also requires very less maintenance and care. It is easy to carry to any place. You must have come across many people who usually talk to use traditional items in their house Thus for them this clock is just the best one. You can even gift these types of clocks to your friends and relatives. They will really like to receive such items.

The art work that is provided on the clock is very beautiful. You will get some traditional and ethnic designs on the body of the clock.

What we like

  • The material used is of high-quality and is responsible for giving a vintage look to your room.
  • Ideal for any place.
  • Frame material is plastic and the glass is of good 0-quality.
  • The clock is a symbol of beauty and elegance.
  • 12 months warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Mount space is quite good and so it can be fixed to any space very easily.
  • Provide a stunning looks to the walls.
  • Needle movements are low.

What we did not like

  • Warranty period should have been extended for some more time.

6. Casio Analog Wall Clock

Casio Analog Wall Clock

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It is one of the excellent quality clocks that are available in the market. The product is of high-quality. Once it is purchased the buyer will easily get to know about its top-features. The clock is always punctual in displaying the right time. The battery life of the clock is very good and it runs for a long period without any disturbances. The most amazing part of this clock is its design. The design is so classy that it easily draws the attention of the people.

What we liked

  • Standard quality clock.
  • 12 month battery life.
  • Design is quite elegant and classy.
  • Provides accurate time.
  • No emission of sound while tracking time.

What we didn’t like

  • Even though nicely packed- but still the packaging should have been made much better and nice.

7. Casio Round Resin Wall Clock

Casio Round Resin Wall Clock

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If you are looking for a stylish and innovative clock that can not only give you the correct time but can enhance the beauty of the room to a great extent. The clock comes with Arabic time markers. If anyone wishes they can also gift it to someone else. The clock has a very stylish look and that attracts the people and the buyers. Today’s modern people mainly focus on the look of the clock rather than its use. But this is the product that has both look and nice qualities. It is just amazing for the customers.

What we liked

  • Round shape of the clock is quite amazing.
  • Provides correct time to the people.
  • Changes the look of the room to a great extent.
  • Packaging of the clock should have been made better.

What we didn’t like

  • Specific warranty period-The warranty period should have been extended to a good time.

8. RoyalsCart Floral Design Painting Analog Wall Clock

RoyalsCart Floral Design Painting Analog Wall Clock

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It is a great time when one can change the look of the house. This clock is a perfect device that can change the look of the house to some extent. It can provide a vintage look to the house. The clock can be easily placed on any corner of the room. This clock is crafted with high-quality wood. The unique size of the clock is quite suitable. The movement of the clock is silent. There are mainly two hand hours and minutes.

What we liked

  • Designer clock that can be placed easily.
  • Crafted with high-quality wood.
  • Clock moves silently.
  • Available at a great size.

What we didn’t like

  • Reasonable price-The price of the clock should have been reduced to some extent.

9. B SQUARE Wood Wall Clock for Home, Bedroom, Living Room

B SQUARE Wood Wall Clock

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If you are looking for best quality clocks then it can be the ideal one. It comes with long lasting battery life along with good qualities of the clock. The clock always provides correct time to the viewers. The more you will use the clock the more you will get attached to it. Even the design of the clock is quite beautiful and amazing.

What we liked

  • Crafted with good-quality wood.
  • Figures and numbers can be easily read and seen.
  • Mechanism of the clock is quite advanced and updated.
  • Comes with 3D numbers and other things.

What we didn’t like:

  • Nice design-Although the design of the clock is quite beautiful but still it could have been made much amazing.

10. Mishty Analog 32 cm X 32 cm Wall Clock

Mishty Analog 32 cm X 32 cm Wall Clock

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The plastic material clock is not only light – weighted but also comes with unique design. There are many such designs available in the market but this is perhaps the best one. The clock can be easily placed on any corner of the wall and that too very conveniently. It comes with hour, seconds and minute hand. It also enhances the look of the room to some extent. The clock also comes with standard capacity.

What we liked

  • Comes with material frame plastic clock.
  • The face of the clock is transparent in nature.
  • Comes with hour, minute and second hands.
  • Increases the look of the room to some extent.
  • Can be easily placed on any wall of the room.
  • Runs for a long time without any issues.

What we didn’t like

  • Warranty period-although there is a warranty period but it is too less. It should be increased for the benefit of the customers.

Benefits of using a Wall Clock

Before going deep into the study it is important to know about the actual benefits of the clock. That will make the whole purpose more specific and clear. The role of the clocks is really important for the modern day people. The clocks have also underwent changes in due course of time.

  • Wall clocks are mainly used to provide the actual time to the people.
  • It is very convenient to use a wall clock because it can be viewed anytime even at the time of working.
  • Wall clocks also help to get the correct time.
  • Most of the wall clocks have clear and big digits and this enables the people to see the digits from a certain distance very easily.
  • Clocks and most importantly the modern ones are much more advanced. They produce less sound than the traditional ones. Even the digits are much bigger in size for comfortable viewing of the people.
  • The clocks also come with a good warranty period. In case of any problems during the warranty period the same is replaced or exchanged by the company. So no need to worry about that.
  • The designs of the modern wall clocks are very elegant and advanced in accordance with the time.
  • The actual work of the clock is to display or show the correct time. But now you can get a wonderful look of the clock along with the correct time. So, they are great in many ways.

One of the most important advantages of using a wall clock is that it always comes in a big size. Now you must know about the actual advantages of the wall clocks.

Wall Clock Buying Guide  

A wall clock is an indispensable element of every household. Any house is incomplete without a wall clock. It not only shows time but also is a part of the decoration of the room. There are a plethora of options available in the market. You can choose according to your requirements and the other decoration of your house. Here is a simple buying guide for buying the perfect wall clock for your home.   

1) Features  

With the rise of modern technologies, the wall clocks also now available with many different features, sizes, and shapes. Here are a few common and useful trails you need to know about the wall clocks.  

  • Material: Generally, wall clocks are an investment for long-term usage. So, the build-in material of the clocks is vital so they can last for a long time. The most common materials used for clocks are fiber, wood, brass, or any sturdy plastic.   
  • Visibility: Without clear visibility, the purpose of the clock will go in vain. So, the front glass of the clock should not have too flashy of too shady texture. The numbers on the dial should be clearly readable.   
  • Battery life: Usually, wall clocks run on batteries. Some clocks need only one battery, and some others need 2-3 batteries. But they have a good life as clocks need very less power depending on the model and the other features.  
  • Number display: Wall clocks come in many different styles. Some have roman numeric, some come with regular numbers, while some come with no numerals at all. It is entirely up to your choice and tastes what you want to buy.  
  • Looks: The looks refer to the overall design of the clock. It is your aesthetic sense that will guide you to the best product that matches the decorations of your house.  
  • Sounds: Many wall clocks come with different music playing features. Make sure the sounds are pleasing to your ears. Moreover, if you don’t even like the ticking sounds of the second hand of the clock, you can always opt for the digital ones.  

2) Digital or Analog  

Digital and analog are the two main types of wall clocks. The best wall clock brands in India manufacture both types of clocks. Analog clocks are the old and conventional types of clocks. They have three hands, each for hours, minutes, and seconds. These clocks come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. All the antique clocks come with analog technology. Those look very elegant and classy. The number display system in analog clocks is very dynamic as they have many different types. Some of them have regular numbers, simple lines, roman numerals, cursive numbers, etc. Some variants have all the 12 digits; some have four numbers or no numbers at all.   

On the other hand, digital clocks are the less conventional type of clocks. There are no hour, minute, or second hand on these clocks. These clocks are built with an LCD or LED display. They can display the accurate time with distinct division s for hour, minute, and seconds. The digital clocks either run on batteries or direct electricity. Usually, the display on these clocks is monochrome with black or colored digits on them.   

3) Design  

Wall clocks have many different designs. Some of the most popular designs are a modern, cartoon-based, antique, designer, etc. If you need a wall clock for the office, then go for modern designs. But if you are looking for one for your drawing room or bedroom, then you should choose one that goes best with the rest of the decoration pattern of your house. The luxury wall clock brands produce the antique designed clocks that add a classy look the entire room if you have a few furniture to go with it. The retro modes with the pendulum can change the whole ambiance of your drawing room. Again, your children will love to have a clock in their room with their favorite cartoon theme. Some clocks even come with features that can produce temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. 

Bottom Line

A room is totally incomplete without a clock. Try some different designs of clock for your room. Even if you have shifted to a new house or purchased a new flat then you should definitely try these ones. It can be a perfect addition or item for your beautiful rooms. Most of the wall clocks are so beautiful that they can match with any colors of the room and it is the best thing. What are you waiting for?  Just go through the above lines and order a wonderful and unique clock for your room.

Let the room look better with the addition of the wall clocks. So, wall clocks are a very important material. Although the concept of clocks has been changed to a great extent but still the demand is quite high.

It is also expected that the above-mentioned descriptions of the clock will help the viewers to know about the product in a much easier way. Let’s hope for the best.

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