Best USB Cable For Fast Charging India 2022

USB cables have come a long way from being slow charging ones in the form of micro-USB to the fast charging ones we have now in the form of USB Type-C. Type-C interface is now the standard one present in all devices from laptops to low-end smartphones, except the iPhones.

Best USB Cable for Fast Charging

Due to the popularity of the Type-C interface, there are many Type-C cables from different brands present in India. These cables not only provide fast charging, but they also make way for faster data transfer speeds. So you should invest in a good quality type-C cable for getting faster charging and transfer speeds for a long time. In this post, let us see some of the best Type-C cables that you can buy in the market. Do check best cctv cables and electrical cables.

1) Boat 350 Type C Cable

boAt A 350 Type C Cable 1.5m (Black)

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The 350 Type C Cable from Boat offers universal compatibility with smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC’s, and other electrical peripherals that have Type-C interface. The premium cotton braided finish of this cable makes it sturdy and invincible against external damage. This Type-C cable also supports 3A fast charging for high efficiency and 480 mbps high speed data transmission with rapid sync.

The flexible design of this cable offers a tangle-free experience for a long time as it has a 10000 plus bends lifespan. With a good two-year manufacturing warranty, you are getting a good product for the price.


  • It has a perfect 1.5 meters in length for hassle-free usage.
  • It offers high durability.

2) AmazonBasics Type-C to USB-A Cable

AmazonBasics USB Type-C to USB-A 2.0 Male Cable - 3 Feet (0.9 Meters) - Black

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With the Amazon Basic Type C to Type-A cable, you can connect all your mobiles and tablets that have a type C interface with power bricks, chargers, and laptops that has a type A interface. The Type-C interface has a reversible design so you can easily insert it into a type C connector without minding the side.

With this cable, you will not only have a fast charging feature, but also a fast data transfer speed rate of 480 Mbps. Available in three different sizes such as 0.9, 1.8, and 2.7 meters, you can confidently buy this cable for your daily use.


  • It is certified by USB-IF to be compliant with USB 2.0 Standard.
  • It offers you a good data transfer speed.

3) Portronics Konnect L Fast Charging Type C Cable

Portronics Konnect L POR-1081 Fast Charging 3A Type-C Cable 1.2Meter with Charge & Sync Function for All Type-C Devices (Grey)

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With this Type-C cable from Portronics, you get universal compatibility with all the smartphones, laptops, and tablets that has type-C interface. It has a nylon braided finish with TPE material on the connector jack to give you a long durability. This cable is 1.2 meter in length so you get ease of use without any hassle.

The high-speed data transfer speed and the charging speed that you get with this cable will make your life much easy connecting your devices. For an affordable price, you are getting a solid cable with this buy.


  • It is made of high-quality materials to give you a long life.
  • It has both the charging and data sync functions.

4) Mi Braided USB Type C Cable

Mi Braided USB Type-C Cable (Red)

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Xiaomi is one of the popular electronics manufacturers in the world, making quality products at an affordable price. This Type-C cable from Mi is one of the best in the market offering you fast charging for a long time. The braided design of this cable with toughened joints gives it long durability. It also has a 10000 plus bend lifespan, so you do not have to worry about the durability of this product.

This one-meter cable from Mi comes in two different colors with a tangle-free design for no-hassle use. You are getting a solid cable from Mi for the price it retails.


  • It comes with a six month warranty period.
  • It has a strong build with toughened joints.

5) Xmate Mettle USB Type C Cable

Xmate Mettle USB Type C Cable Fast Charging Cable 5 ft USB A to C Nylon Braided Long Cable Compatible with All Type C Smartphones (Black)

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This Type C cable from Xmate comes with fast charging and rapid sync feature to  give you faster data transfer with fast charging simultaneously. The nylon braided design makes this cable highly durable while also giving it a sleek look. The superior quality of this product with heat-resistant connectors ensures complete safety while using this cable.

This cable has a flexible 90 degrees USB connector that makes it easy for you to pull and plug. With wide device compatibility, you are getting a good cable for the price.


  • It comes with a good one-year warranty period.
  • It has a sleek look with high durability.

6) Case Plus Dash Compatible Type C Cable

Case Plus Dash Compatible Dash & WARP OG Fast Charging and Sync USB Type C Cable Suitable for One Plus All Type C Devices (Dash Cable, RED) (oneplus Dash Cable(RED))

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The Case Plus Type-C cable delivers you dash fast charging with 60% of charge in 30 minutes. The dash fast charging is supported only for the OnePlus device. Not only fast charging, but you also get a good data transfer speed of 480 Mbps with this cable. This cable contains a smart chip inside that ensures the delivery of 4A current to the dash supported devices.

With the help of auto-detect technology, this cable offers high speed charging to the supported devices only. This cable is the one to get the ultimate fast charging with good data transfer speed if you own an OnePlus device.


  • It has a multi-layer shielding with anti-interference technology.
  • It offers a good data transfer speed.

7) Upload Nylon Braided Type C to Type C cable

Upload Nylon Braided USB Type C to Type C Data Cable | Charging Cable (5V 3A) | Fast & Tough | Power Delivery Upto 60W | 2 Meter | 6.5 Feet (Black)

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The Upload USB Type C is built with copper wires to ensure you get a high charging speed with a fast data transfer speed of 480 Mbps. This braided nylon cable is highly durable as it offers a 10000 plus bend lifespan. It also features a nickel-plated connector head with an aluminum alloy shell. With wide compatibility, you can use this cable with your iPad, MacBooks, Android phones, Laptops, and other electrical peripherals that have a Type C interface.

This ultra-durable cable from Upload also gives you a hassle-free experience as it does not get tangled much. Overall, you are getting a good braided Type C cable for the price.


  • It is an ultra-durable product as it has a 10000 plus bend lifespan.
  • It comes with a velcro belt.


Buying a quality cable is a must to ensure you get a hassle-free experience when you need to connect devices regularly. There are many cables present in the market but not all will give you a good experience with a long life. Many knock-off products have flooded the markets in recent times so it is difficult to choose a quality cable for fast charging.

The above-listed are some of the best fast-charging cables available in the market that you can buy with no worries. We hope this post helps you in getting a quality fast charging cable for everyday use.

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