Best Umbrella Brand in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether it is a rainy or sunny season, an Umbrella will your best companion. The Umbrella has been around for hundreds of years protecting people from harsh environmental conditions. Evidence of using an umbrella actually exists in the ancient art and artifacts of Egypt, Greece, China, and Assyria. These umbrellas are also portable, lightweight, and easily transportable from place to place. With such significance, it is must that every family has an umbrella or two in their home.

With a lot of umbrella brands available in the market, it can be a bit confusing to choose the best brand that offers an umbrella for your needs. So in this post, we’ll discuss some of the best brands of umbrella brands that you can buy confidently. We have also given a brief buying guide for you to get some more knowledge about buying an umbrella.

Buying guide to choosing a good Umbrella

Choosing a good umbrella is important cause it is a long term investment. You shouldn’t change your umbrella frequently because of any problems. Once you buy an umbrella, it should serve you for life. You won’t use your umbrella daily, but when you use it, it should work as expected. So buying a good umbrella is a must for everyone. Here are some things to check for when buying an umbrella.

Size – Make sure the size of the umbrella is at least 10 or 11 inches. This size of the umbrella gives you the best coverage while also being compact in size. This size works well for covering two people without any trouble. If you want something smaller, then you can go with an umbrella at six inches. It will be really compact and can offer ample coverage for one person.

Layered canopy – A two-layered canopy serves you well when you are battling heavy wind or rain. It doesn’t let your umbrella flip inside out. So you can stay dry while the wind passes instead of trying to invert your umbrella.

Comfortable handle – It is not important but still, look for a comfortable handle when buying the umbrella. It has to work in both of your hands. It should be slim and have a cushion for maximum comfort. Don’t buy a one that seems heavy or bulky.

Less section in the frame – Buy an umbrella that doesn’t fold into lots of pieces. It won’t be as sturdy as you think. So try to buy a one that folds in less number of sections.

Best brands in Umbrella

1) Sakar Designer Umbrella

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The Sakar Umbrella is not just a practical one but also a stylish one. It comes with a stylish waterproof case that you can use it to store the umbrella after you’ve used it. This wine-bottle shaped umbrella capsule is just an inch long so it can fit in your bag or car without the water from the umbrella getting everywhere. The 7inch/ 18cm long umbrella weighs only 280 grams with the waterproof case. So you can take it anywhere without much hassle as it is compact and portable. The ribs in the umbrella are made of high-quality aluminum alloy so you don’t have to worry about durability as it can work for a long time without having any corrosion. This high-quality rib can withstand strong winds and heavy rains without any problems.

This umbrella from Sakar can accommodate two people after opening as it stands at a good diameter of 100cm. The UV coated umbrella-folding layer blocks the harmful ultraviolet rays and is suitable for use on both the sunny and rainy days. The smooth folding layer is made of 100% pure polyester which can be easily opened by lifting the ribs and sliding the umbrella. The non-button design ensures your fingers won’t get hurt as it can open and close easily without much strength. The Sakar brand umbrella is the perfect combination of portability, protection, and durability needed for any environmental conditions for your family With a pocket-friendly budget, and multi-colored design, you won’t regret after buying this umbrella from the Sakar.


UV coated design – The UV coated folding layer protects you from harmful UV lights.

Durable and compact case – The wine-bottle shaped capsule is easy to carry around and offers high durability.

Aluminum alloy rib – The high-quality rib is made of aluminum alloy. They offer high durability and high corrosion resistance.


  • Perfect for two people
  • 100 percent polyester folding layer
  • budged friendly price
  • waterproof capsule
  • smooth design
  • compact, portable, and lightweight
  • Multi-colored design


  • Only a three-month warranty from the manufacturer.

2) Amazon Basics Umbrella

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The Amazon Basics brand Umbrella will definitely be a useful addition on your travel bag, car, backpack, or briefcase. This compact travel umbrella keeps you safe from harsh environmental conditions from warm spring showers to the fierce fall storms and unruly wind tunnels. The ribs and the handle are made of durable steel that can withstand without any problems for a long time. The canopy features a reliable, waterproof polyester material. So the umbrella is sturdy yet lightweight and can be transferred easily without any problems. The soft handle provides a good, secure grip, which ensures a comfortable hold. A wrist strap is present at the end of the handle. It allows for hands-free carrying when the rain subsides.

The umbrella canopy automatically opens and closes with the easy to use button touch. You can also manually pull the upright support down into the locked position after the canopy collapses. The auto-open mechanism is ready to be used again after the umbrella is back in its base. So it suffices to say that the Amazon Basics umbrella is one of the easy to use umbrella available in the market. The storage sleeve that comes with the umbrella is compact and includes a slip-on sleeve, which helps keep the umbrella neatly stored. This storage sleeve fits the closed umbrella securely and lifts off easily when its time to take cover from the rain or sun.

This compact-sized umbrella when opened can cover up to 11 inches long. So it can provide ample cover for two people. Weighing just under 400 grams, the Amazon Basics Umbrella is one of the easy to carry for all people.


Automatic button – The umbrella can open/close automatically with a push of a button.

Soft comfortable grip – It ensures that you hold the umbrella comfortably and don’t lose it easily.


  • Durable steel with reliable canopy
  • Black, full-size travel umbrella which is compact when closed
  • One-year warranty
  • Comes with protective storage sleeve
  • Automatic open/close button


  • No UV coating

3) Amextrian Windproof Double Layer Umbrella

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This is one of the stylish umbrellas by Amextrian which comes with a compact waterproof case. It features an easy to use manual closing and opening method. There is no button mechanism so you won’t get your finger hurt when you close or open it. The steel sibs are made to be highly durable. It can bend up to 180 degrees and still can fight the wind without turning inside out. The fabric material of the Umbrella is coated to repel the water so the rain will slide off the umbrella.  You don’t have to worry about damage due to repeated rainwater on the umbrella. The undercarriage offers great durability. With a 34 inch coverage, it can offer ample cover from the rain. This umbrella also weighs only 380 grams so you can carry and store it anywhere without any hassle.

The canopy cover opens to form 34 inches so it provides ample cover for two people. This compact travel umbrella has five folding construction with a wine bottle-shaped case. This umbrella can fit conveniently in your backpack, purses, suitcase, and travel bag. It is also coated with UV so the umbrella is able to block the harmful UV rays. It also comes in different colors so you can get a one that matched your personality.


UV and Waterproof coating – This umbrella protects you from the harmful ultraviolet rays and can repel the water for hassle-free use.

Undercarriage durability – Made of high-quality aluminum steel, the undercarriage offers high durability.


  • Sturdy and durable material
  • Compact size which fits anywhere
  • Comes in different colors


  • No manufacturing warranty

4) Shoppozone Double Layer Inverted

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The Shoppozone Umbrella is ergonomically designed with a comfortable C shaped handle that lets you slide over your forearm or wrist. So you can focus on more important things as it offers a hands-free experience. The reverse mechanism present in the umbrella lets you close it from the inside out so you can open a door or visit a lobby without the drippy rain making a mess. This design is really useful when you want to keep your surroundings dry and clean. The Umbrella is a windproof one that can withstand wind speed of more than 60 miles. So you can use it without any trouble in the windy season. The UV protection present in the double-layer fabric has good UV protection with zero light transmission. Made from quality materials such as polypropylene skeleton and polyester pongee fabric, the Shoppozone umbrella offers high durability with a good corrosion resistance ability.

The umbrella opens up to 108 cm so it can accommodate two people without any trouble. It is a double-layered umbrella with a black outer layer and a red inner layer. This structure makes it extremely durable against fierce winds and heavy rains. The memory flex feature in the umbrella distributes the heavy wind by intentionally flipping it inside out. With a unique design, it is one of the best umbrellas for you to buy.


The UV protection and windproof design – The umbrella is coated with UV so it can protect you from harmful sun rays. It also has the ability to withstand extreme winds.

Intelligent folding reversible design – This inside out reversible design prevents the water dripping and eliminates the hassle.

Double layered design – With a black outer layer and red inner layer, the umbrella from the shoppozone is extremely durable.


  • Flexible protection
  • High durability and superior performance
  • Comfortable C-shaped handle for hands-free use
  • One-click open and close mechanism


  • Priced a bit on the higher side
  • No manufacturer warranty with this umbrella

5) Popy 3 Fold Colour Umbrella

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The Popy umbrella comes in a variety of colors which will surely entice the customers. Made from stainless steel fittings, the popy umbrella has high strength and durability. The stainless steel frame also makes it a good corrosion-resistant material. The folding material in this umbrella is made up of nylon material so it doesn’t suffer from wear and tear over long term use.

The silver-coated interior of the umbrella makes it resistant to heat. So you can use this umbrella comfortably on a bright sunny day. The umbrella from popy is also resistant to water so you don’t have to worry about the damage to the umbrella when using it on a heavy rainy day. The umbrella features a push button to open and close it without any hassle. The popy umbrella doesn’t have any niche features, but still, it is one of the best umbrellas you can get for the money.


Silver coated interior – It makes the umbrella resistant to heat.

Waterproof material – The material in the umbrella is made up of waterproof material.


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Stainless steel stem and fittings for high durability


  • No UV coating
  • No warranty from the manufacturer

6) Fendo Navy Blue Folding Umbrella

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The umbrella from the fendo is made up of 100 percent durable polyester. So you use it on any environmental conditions without the fear of wear and tear. The material has UV protection so it doesn’t allow harmful rays from the sun. The auto-open/close mechanism is easy to use and doesn’t let your fingers get hurt with the use of a button. The plastic handle gives a comfortable grip when holding so you won’t lose this umbrella easily. Weighing only under 400 grams, this umbrella from Fendo is compact and easy to carry. This unisex umbrella from Fendo is one of the most preferred umbrellas online. So you won’t be disappointed when buying the umbrella from Fendo.


UV coating – It protects you from the harmful UV rays from the sun as the umbrella is resistant to it.


  • Compact and portable
  • Made of highly durable polyester material


  • No warranty policy from the manufacturer


Normally, we don’t give much thought when buying an umbrella. But it should not be the case as it protects you from different environmental factors. So you have to give much thought into buying an umbrella that suits you well. We hope our review of the best umbrella brand and the buying guide helps you in choosing the best umbrella.

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