Top 5 Best Study Table Lamps in India 2022 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Whether you are student or a writer you must have a table lamp in your house. It can help you to a great extent. If you have a desktop or a table then there should be a table lamp in your house that can not only enhance the beauty of the room but can also help you to complete your work. There are ample such table lamps in the market that is available in various sizes and shapes. You can choose the one that is comfortable for you. Even there are many sites that are also responsible for selling good variety of table lamps.

In the present time, you can go through some luxurious and fashionable table lamps that are also available at a very cheap rate. They are very efficient in providing good service to the users. You can also go through various qualities of lamps. For example you can get LED light along with these table lamps. The LED lights are said to be more powerful and useful.

They can help the writers and the students in a great way. Even most of the lights are very energy efficient. You should buy such table lamps from some reputed places.

Bestselling Table Lamps for Studies Online in India

In the next chapter we will go through the best study table lamps that are available in India. It will help the user to buy the best product for the study table lamps. Just have a look at this.

1. Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desklight

Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desklight

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It is a high-quality desk light that is best for any house. It has ample qualities that come with wide variety of features. It’s provides the user to go through the writings or doing craft work in the best possible manner. In the present time, this type of lights helps to change the ambience of the room largely. This type of desk light saves the eye of the user and also prevents from severe headaches.

Things we like about it

• It comes with cool appearance of light.
• It is a great source of LED light.
• It can be used in a very convenient way as it can be folded very easily.
• It has a very fantastic look

Things we did not like

• The warranty period of the light could have been extended to some extent.

2. BillieJean Reading & Study Table Lamp

BillieJean Reading & Study Table Lamp

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It is a very beautiful table lamp that can be used for any purpose. It has been seen that the shade of the table lamp is of aluminum metal. The LED table lamp is found to be very efficient. Most of this type of products can be used extensively for various purposes. It can also be used as a perfect item for home décor. Even if you want you can also gift it to someone special. It will be highly appreciated by the people. You should definitely buy it.

Things we liked about it

• This product comes with an aluminum folder.
• It also comes with a holder and so it can be easily plugged to any place.
• There is a switch that comes with ON/OFF option. This makes the user to use it more conveniently.
• The look of the device is quite beautiful and nice.

Things we did not like

• The price of device could have been reduced to some extent.

3. Lovelyhome LED Book Lights and a Rechargeable Clip 

Lovelyhome LED Book Lights

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It is such a device that can immensely help the user to enhance the beauty of the room to a great extent. The color of the light is so low that it does not harm your eyes in any ways. The warm color is perfect for brightening the room to a great extent. It also creates a warm atmosphere in the room. Thus if you want you can easily buy this product. It can help in easy reading of books. It also helps in fully illuminating both sides of the book. It comes with much more steady look.

Things we liked about it

• It is designed in a special way so that people loves it wholly.
• The tube of the light can be adjusted to a great extent. It is also rust proof.
• It can be easily charged and the charging process is very easy and convenient.
• It also gives complete protection of eyes. It will not create any type of headaches.

Things we did not like

• There should be some other colors of these table lamps.

4. ESN 999 pp-1269 5-Watt Table Lamp

ESN 999 pp-1269 5-Watt Table Lamp

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It is a unique product that can help you to solve various purposes. There is also a pen stand that is available along with the table lamp. Thus it can be used for many purposes. It is very efficient for saving the energy and is also available at an affordable rate. The gooseneck is designed in such a way so that the necks can be bended in any direction. It is well equipped with two paper holders, so that people can use it very nicely. All this unique features make it a versatile device.

Things we liked about it

• The size of the lamp is quite moderate so that it can adjust in any place.
• It is beautifully designed so it easily catches the attention of the people.
• The material of the lamp is of high-quality. You can use it safely.
• The LED lamp that is used is of superior material.

Things we did not like

• There is no warranty period for this device. But there should be a minimum warranty period right from the date of purchase.

5. SaleOn™ Rechargeable LED Touch On/Off Switch Desk Lamp


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If you are looking for some foldable desk lamp then it is the best one that is available in the market. It has some unique specifications that make the product best in all aspects. It comes with light brightness and that helps the user to carry out the work more conveniently. It can be immensely sued for reading, writing, and doing various types of office works. The battery capacity of the lamp is quite high and this is the best part of the lamp. One USB cable is also attached along with this device.

Things we liked about it

• If you press a long touch then the brightness of the lamp will increase gradually.
• The angles can be easily adjusted by the user.
• It gives complete protection to the eyes.
• If the device is charged for a minimum time it can work for about 8 hours.

Things we did not like

• The price is quite high and so it should be reduced to some extent for the benefit of the users.

Buying Guide for Gable Lamps

If you are eagerly looking to buy a beautiful and efficient table lamp for your house there are certain things that must be considered before buying. With this, you will get a brief idea about the best type of table lamps that can be purchased and that too at a reasonable rate.

Materials of the table lamp

Most of the table lamps come in a wide variety of materials. Some are ceramic while others are of plastic or wood. You can choose the one that is liked by you. Even you should look for the one that is made in a durable way so that it runs for a long time.

Styles of the table lamp

There are wide varieties of table lamps available in the market but the present man is mainly concentrated on buying the stylish ones or the one that have a elegant look so that it can increase the look of the room to some extent. You can also buy the one that have contemporary or traditional look. It will be largely preferred.

Shades of the table lamps

There are ample types of table lamp shades available in the present time. Some have a very beautiful look while others come with a different look. You can go for the one that have drummed or rectangle shades. They are largely preferred and loved by the people. The more you will see the more you will get attracted towards it. It is somehow a great thing.

Know about the features

While buying the table lamp you should be well versed about the top features that are possessed by the table lamps. Each one will have different features. However, no two will match with one another. It is thus very important to know about the features. If required you can also go through the manuals that are found attached with the product. They can guide you in the best possible manner. Once you know about it you will get easily accustomed with the mode of operation. It is always best to know about it.

Check the warranty period

You should also check the warranty period of the product. Usually the warranty period starts right from the date of purchase and continues for one or two year. It should have a warranty period. If there is no such warranty period mentioned on the product it should be enquired. Otherwise it is better not to buy such products because in case of any issues the same cannot be replaced or exchanged by the user. It should cross checked several times if required.

Check the exact price

If you have sorted the best table lamp for your room it is better to check the price of the same from different sites. There are many such sites that may charge irrelevant price for the product. So, it is very important to check the price from different places. Once you are sure about it you can buy the one that you have chosen or sorted out. It is the right way to buy the right product for your room. There are many false sites that sale fake lamps and take away high price for the same product. It should be avoided as much as possible.

Go through the reviews

Checking the reviews is a very important thing that must be done in each and every case. Proper information about the reviews will give a clear idea about the product. It should be gathered from several other places so that people gets a clear picture. It is always better to opt for the reviews in almost all the cases. Whether you are buying a table lamp or any other product a review is the most essential one. Most of the people try to avoid all these things. But this is not at all acceptable and it should be done in the best possible manner.


Now it can be well concluded from the above discussion that have a beautiful and amazing table lamp is something elite and vital. Most of houses are flourished with stunning table lamps. They are so elegant that you will definitely feel attracted towards it. It has also been noticed that the use of table lamps was also felt during the ancient period. It was a time when people used to keep a table lamp at the side of a bed or on the table. It was also used extensively by the people of those days. But now as times have changed so has changed the thoughts. The table lamps are still used but they come in a wide variety of designs and shapes. You will surely fall in love with the latest and designer table lamps that are found in various markets. Most of them are also available in a very low price. So, what are you waiting for? Just choose a beautiful for you house so that people gets something new once they enter the room.

You can also use it immensely to carry out various types of writing and reading works during the night time.

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