Best Solar Lights for Home in India 2022

Solar energy is a form of energy that doesn’t run out like other resources. It’s one of the reasons why people are opting for solar-powered products like solar lights. These lights make use of the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity, which you can use to light your house.

Best Solar Lights for Home

If you’re interested in buying solar lights for your home, this article is very useful. We have gathered some of the best solar lights suited for your home. Also, a buying guide will help you decide which solar light suits you the best.

1) Sun King Greenlight

SUN KING Pro 400 Super Bright Emergency Solar Light with USB Mobile Charging

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Let’s start our list with a solar lantern from Sun King. This solar lantern is a multipurpose light that comes with a mobile feature. Remember those old kerosene lanterns? This lantern works way better than that and offers up to 40 times brighter light. This is what makes people love this product. You can use it for various errands like studying, reading, or performing any other task during the night.

Also, this device, once charged, runs for a long. It comes with three modes. With low power mode, it can run for up to 100 hours. And if you keep it at medium mode, it will work for 12 hours, and for turbo mode, it will last for 5 hours. So, you have numerous power settings at hand. Do check best home theater system for home.


  • It has three power modes which can be adjusted as per convenience
  • This product is durable and has a 2-year warranty


  • It’s quite costly

2) d.light S550 Solar Desk Light

d.light S550 Solar Rechargeable LED Light Set - Pack of 1 | Solar Light for Home and Mobile Charger, Reading Light, Desk Light, Solar lamp, Task Light

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 The D Light solar light is another effective tool for your home. It works best if you use it as an emergency light or for studying during the night. The solar panel is beautifully designed and also comes with a mobile charging port. So, it’s quite a convenient option for your home. It comes with a dual charging option. It means you can charge it using solar power and with an AC source too.

Also, there’s an indicator that will tell you how much charge is left in the device. You can also find a power-saving mode with this device. Itt is free of maintenance and is a good product in the long run. It comes with an amazing warranty for two years.


  • It comes with a power-saving mode
  • There’s a two-year warranty with this product
  • It also has a dual charging option for convenience


  • This product is costly.

3) d.light S3 Portable

D.Light S30 Ultra Flexible Solar Lantern (Multicolour)

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If you want a portable solar light for your home, this product may be the best for you. Not only D Light S30 is portable, but it’s also highly durable. It delivers very bright light whenever you want and wherever you want. You can use it within your home or can take it outside on your lawn. Moreover, this solar light is waterproof, so you need not worry about keeping it outside in the rain.

The device’s design is quite compact and is adjusted on a small stand. You’ll also find a charging indicator that will help you determine the charge intensity. This device is maintenance-free and comes with a warranty of two years. 


  • Very compact design and portable
  • It comes with a two-year warranty
  • Suited for various purposes


  • Simple look

4) Havells Glanz 1.5-Watt

Havells Glanz 1.5-Watt Rechargeable Solar Light (Red), Pack of 1

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This product, Havells Glanz, is another reliable product from a reliable brand. It has a 1.5-watt wattage and comes with a backup duration of four hours. This solar light comes with a dual charging mode. So, you can charge it using the sun and with an AC electricity source too.

It takes nearly about ten hours to fully charge itself. The design is very compact and beautiful. Also, you can take it along anywhere you want. One thing which acts as a drawback is its size. It’s quite small and comes with only a 6-month warranty from the date of purchase.


  • Beautiful design and easy to carry
  • Delivers bright light, which is just perfect for reading


  • Small in size

5) SFZ Wireless Solar

SFZ Wireless Solar Light Power Battery Motion Sensor Waterproof Night Lamp LED for Outdoor Home Automation

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Now, this solar light is suited for your garden wall or porch; the SFZ solar light is a waterproof product that delivers an amazingly bright light. This device gives a classy look and has a motion angle of about 120degrees, which helps deliver better light. There are around 20 powerful led bulbs that are bright enough to help you ready anything. The usage is very simple and is easy to install too.

You just have to place it or mount it on the wall and leave it for charging all day long. Once it’s evening time, it will give you bright light. You have to charge it for about 6-8 hours and expect light for at least 8 hours.


  • Gives bright light for extended periods
  • Maintenance-free usage


  • There’s not a warranty with this product.


DARK FIGHT Vicco Solar Home Light Set 6 Volt (White, 3 Watt Panel)

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Here’s a solar light system from DRAK FIGHT. This device comes with three solar-powered light bulbs with a five-meter wire. You’ll first have to charge this device in the sun all day long, and then you can use this for about 8 hours. You get three bulbs with this, and you can control each bulb separately.

So, if you need to use it for a long, you’ll have to switch off one or two bulbs. This will help the other bulb shine brightly for a long time. Also, you can use this device to charge your mobile phone, just like a power bank. This product comes with a 6-month warranty.


  • Offers bright light and comes with three bulbs
  • It comes with a month warranty


  • This solar power light is costly.

7) Hardoll Solar Lights

Hardoll Solar Lights for Home Waterproof Flickering Flames Torches Outdoor Landscape Lights for Decoration for Garden (Pack of 1)

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 If you’re looking for a more ambient solar light for the outdoors, this product can be the best. Hardoll Solar Lights are effective and look very beautiful once charged properly. It produced a flickering flame-like appearance, which makes it a perfect option for your garden or porch.

Once you fit or install it, you don’t have to go outside and switch it on. You’ll just have to wait for it to get dark, and it will automatically start glowing. The device is quite durable and sturdy. So, you can expect it to easily withstand heavy downpours. Also, this device comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Unique and attractive design
  • This solar light is very sturdy and withstands harsh weather.


  • This device has a power backup of about 3-4  

Buying Guide for Best Solar Lights for Home

Solar lights are one of the best things you could do to save energy. It plays quite an essential role in reducing the carbon footprint released by the industries. If you are looking for good solar light for your home, have a look at our buying guide.

1- Lighting Effects

Most of these solar lights produce an amber glow, which looks attractive and is very good. These lights also give very long-lasting brightness, which is enough to light the pathways, especially at night. This is why this lighting effect is used for security purposes.

2- Features

The more functions or features the solar light has, the more will be the cost. Intelligent lights have up to date processors and can easily adapt to the surroundings. Some intelligent solar lights adjust the intensity of light according to the surrounding environment or the weather pattern. These features help in saving energy and make solar lights last longer and work better.

3- Type of Solar Lights

Before you invest in a solar light for your home, you must know what kind of solar light you need. There are several kinds of solar lights like lamps, lanterns, floodlights, street lights. The type of solar light will depend on what functions you want the light to perform. We have also reviewed best inverter for home.

4- Type of Battery and Capacity

Before you buy solar light for your home, you must know which battery is more efficient. Some solar-powered batteries need to be exposed to the sun completely to get fully charged. On the other hand, some batteries can be charged even when they are not exposed to sunlight. The capacity of the solar power battery is also very important. A battery will be considered to be inefficient if it cannot work from dust to dawn.

Frequently Asked Questions 

You will be having a lot of questions in your mind related to solar lights. We’ll answer some frequently asked questions for you so that you end up making the right choice.

How long do solar lights last? 

NiCd batteries are used in solar lights. With these batteries that can be recharged and replaced, the solar lights can last up to two years. But, always make sure that you take good care of your lights and regularly charge the battery to maintain its working condition.

Are solar lights waterproof? 

Yes, some solar lights are weatherproof. Even if the solar lights can withstand almost all the temperatures, it doesn’t mean that they can always be put outside. Some solar light models come with glass and must not be placed outdoors if there is snow or rain. These lights must not be exposed to extreme weather conditions such as heavy wind or snowstorms as it can get damaged.

Can I read using a solar light lamp?

If you charge the solar light quite well during the day, you can use it for reading during the night. There are several ways or places where you can use solar light lamps. You only need to ensure the solar light is charged correctly. If you need something very bright, you can choose a solar light with more bulbs.

How to take care of solar lights? 

As the solar lights are exposed to the outside environment, dust can get accumulated. These lights must be cleaned periodically, and all the dirt should be removed so that they can easily store energy. When not in use, switch them off and store them in a dark place.

How to charge solar lights?

Charging solar lights is not something hard. You can just place the solar panel in direct sunlight and leave it for about 8-10 hours. However, different devices require different charging times. There are solar lights that have a dual charging feature. This feature allows you to charge the solar light using the sun and AC source too.


Regardless of what you need solar light for, if you want one for our home, it’s a great decision. Using solar energy instead of direct electricity is quite affordable and a decision worth making. We have listed some of the most highly rated solar lights for you to choose from. In case you need help to decide the best solar light, please read our buying guide.

The buying guide has the information you need to choose the best solar light. If you found these detailed insights useful, please share the same with your friends. Also, keep coming for similar insights. 

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