Top 10 Smartwatches Under 5000 Rs in India 2022 – User Reviews

There was a time when watches were all about time and date, yes, only time and date were the only data that one could acquire from a watch just a few years back. However, the technology advanced so much and people are more concerned about their health, resulting in the introduction of devices like Smartwatches that can monitor a person’s certain health factors or data about health.

Best Smartwatches Under 5000

Benefits of Using a Smart Watch 

  • Notification A smartwatch as the name itself suggests is smart, which means the watch not only displays date and time but also the SMS, Whatsapp, and call notifications. Therefore, the user can check the notification without even picking up the Smartphone.
  • Accessing the data is easy when it comes to a smartwatch, all the information will be available on the wrist.
  • Some of the smartwatches come with a feature that would allow the user to control the volume of Bluetooth speakers, TV, etc.
  • A smartwatch like the ones from Apple allows the user to get through the airport security with ease.
  • Some Smartwatches come with a feature that allows the user to answer the calls without actually taking the Smartphone in hand.
  • Smartwatches come with health monitors that will allow the user to keep track of health-related data like heartbeat, sweat, etc.
  • Smartwatches come with a speaker that allows the user to play music

Best Buy Smartwatches Online in India

Here is the list of Ten best Smartwatches available on the Indian market today with a price less than INR 5000.

1. Mi Smart Band 5

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Mi is one of the top brands on the market that manufactures and sells smartwatches at a very reasonable price and with features that could compete directly with other top-end Smartwatches. One of the notable things about this product is that it is compatible to be paired with both Android and iOS devices.

What we like 

  • Call and SMS notification
  • Water-resistant up to 30 minutes
  • Whatsapp and UBER notification compatible
  • Up to 20 Days of Battery Life.
  • Health and wellness tracking
  • Lithium polymer battery

2. HONOR Band 5

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Honor has been on the market just for more than just 1 or 2 years, but the brand today has a reputation for manufacturing and marketing a few of the best smartwatches available on the Indian market today. The most notable feature of this SmartWatch is that it comes with water resistance up to 50 meters.

What we like 

  • 50-meter water resistance
  • Comes with advanced sleep tracking
  • Comes with a long battery life
  • 30 days of standby time
  • Smart notification feature incorporated
  • Has a heart rate monitoring feature
  • Both call and SMS notification

What we do not like 

  • The display is not, as bright as, other smartwatches

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3. Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Digital Black Dial Unisex’s Watch-SWD90059PP05

Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Digital Black

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Fastrack is one of the best watch manufacturers in India; this smartwatch from Fastrack is not different and comes with an attractive design that could stand second to no other products.

What we like 

  • TPU material straps
  • Replaceable bands
  • Dial case is made of plastic
  • The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on this product
  • Touch screen
  • Phone finder feature incorporated
  • Camera control
  • Whatsapp and SMS notification
  • Sleep tracker
  • Long term battery life

What we do not like 

  • The display brightness is too dull for a sunny day use

4. Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness Watch/Smartwatch/ FitnessBand

Noise ColorFit Pro Fitness Watch

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Unlike most of the Smartwatches listed above, the Noise ColorFit Pro comes with an attractive LCD display and heart rate monitor incorporated into it. The device can monitor the blood pressure and the daily sleep duration of the user, therefore, making this Smartwatch one of the best you can get today.

What we like 

  • LCD display
  • Scratch-resistant design
  • Fitness tracker
  • Comes with multi-sports mode
  • Compatible to display the notification from Whatsapp, Facebook, and weather updates.
  • Music player and camera controls
  • 1-year warranty on the product

What we do not like 

  • Some customers reviewed that the heart rate monitor and BP monitor are not calibrated for precise output

5. HONOR Band 5i (Olive Green) Full Color Touchscreen, SpO2

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Are you looking for a Smartwatch, which is simple but offers a lot of information in one place? Then this product can satisfy you the most. The Huawei 5i does not come with a color display but is designed to deliver precise data like step count, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

What we like 

  • SMS and social media notifications
  • Best recommended for use while swimming and running
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Alarm notification
  • Sleep status monitoring
  • Could be the best companion for breathing exercise

What we do not like 

  • Comes with inbuilt apps that monitor the same health condition, but the data displayed by each app might vary.

6. Mi Band 3 (Black)

mi watch

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The Mi band 3 smartwatch is a great product with many advanced features that make it easy to use. It comes with an OLED touch screen allowing to you read your message and notification without taking your phone, long-lasting battery life that lasts up to 20 days as well. Apart from has a monitor sleep quality which records information about your sleep quality every night.

What we like 

  • Phone lock feature (Android phone)
  • It has 0.78 OLED touch displays
  • There is call & notification alert such as WhatsApp, Uber, etc.
  • You can view data by simply raising your wrist
  • Comes with adjustable strap length is 155 to 216mm
  • It looks beautiful with shiny black color

What we do not like 

  • Heart rate sensor- Isn’t accurate at all

7. Amazfit Bip Lite Smart Watch


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For that buyer who searching for an efficient & durable smartwatch with all advanced features as well as, and this Amazfit Bip lite smartwatch an excellent choice for you. Has a powerful battery capable of lasting up to 45 days on a single charge, lightweight and more comfortable to wear day and night also.

You can also use this watch as sports tracking like cycling and walking, running and the activity tracking with daily steps, give you the motivation to be more active every day

what we liked

  • This display reflective always so you can easily read in bright sunlight
  • You also easily read every notification of your phone through this watch
  • It has an amazing battery life, it best for your busy life schedule
  • It also provided 24h continuous heart rate measurement as well
  • This watch design perfect for today’s kids
  • Also, you can easily manage your phones such as emails, phone, notification, and other apps

What we do not like 

  • This build quality is good, but band quality is not well
  • Bluetooth disconnection from phone beyond 4 meters

9. Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Full Touch Control Smart Watch Jet Black

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If you want to buy an efficient & advanced smartwatch which is managing your all requirements perfectly. Then this smartwatch from Noise comes with a colored display and it compatible with android (4.4) along with Da fit app. It also tracks your all workouts and keeps a record of your activities, you can also use it as a remote to control music playback, camera shutter button for that perfect group selfie.

You can get all notification of your phone through this watch such as WhatsApp, calls, Instagram, and Facebook as well even gives weather updates.

Things we liked

  • It comes with efficient in all features, large color display as well
  • This watch keeps workout count and records your activities also
  • It also allows you to controlled your mobile phones
  • You can up to 3 days of normal usage on one charge
  • This watch design in this trendy period looks according to generation
  • It has a heart rate monitor which track your blood oxygen levels and many more
  • It comes in many beautiful colored, you can choose as per your choice

Things we didn’t like

  • Charging cable is not up to the mark

10. Amazfit BIP Lite 3ATM Smart Watch

Amazfit BIP Lite 3ATM Smart Watch

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Amazfit BIP Lite 3ATM Smart Watch is an easily connectable smartwatch that lets you experience the best in-town smartwatch experience. Resistance to any form of damage and a wonderful design makes the watch one of the most desired watches available.


  • Easy sync with the mobile phone.
  • Excellent battery durability
  • Helps you to keep a check on your health

What we like

  • The smartwatch is best to be used in the swimming pools, as it never drowns!
  • The powerful durability of the battery makes the smartwatch stand out from its competitors
  • Tracking of the biological activities, which makes you health conscious.
  • Can be used for multiple activities, an all-rounder watch.
  • The watch easily fits on to your wrist, thus best-fit for you.

What we don’t like

  • Issues with the touch of the watch have been reported by the users
  • The watch is reported to lag often which can hamper your daily activities

List of Best Smartwatches Under 5000

Features to consider while buying Smartwatch

The coolest features which you must consider while purchasing your smartwatch are listed below. Never forget to have a glimpse of them, before you set your eyes on the purchase:


Make sure the smartwatch that you are buying is compatible with your smartphone. If there are issues about the compatibility of the smartwatch, you better not purchase as it can lead to a different issue for you altogether.

Know your type

Are you someone who jogs every morning to keep yourself healthy? If you are one, it is recommended to purchase a smartwatch which displays the physiological details.

Water resistance

Do you remember to keep your smartwatch aside every time you go for the swim? If you are just like who keeps on forgetting such small details, it is high time to look for smartwatches that are resistant to water. You must choose those smartwatches which work perfectly even inside the swimming. A little show-off never hurts!

Battery duration

If the smartwatch gets discharged every time you listen to your favorite song on a repeat of runs out of battery faster than you run back to your home after the morning walk, it is high time to change your smartwatch! This is a serious issue, hence before you step up to purchase the smartwatch, keep a strict idea about battery life.

Comfortable use

Make sure that the watch fits perfectly on your wrist. Looks are a necessity, but we often get blind by the looks. Hence it is suggested to take proper care about the grip of the wristwatches to make them more friendly and reliable. You don’t want to lose your smartwatch just because it was too loose that it fell on the ground and you never realized it!

Swipe or Press

Well, as catchy as it sounds, you must choose whether you would go for the swipe wristwatches or the buttoned ones. Though the swipes are the trendy ones and make the watch lighter as well as saves the space of the screen of the watch, it gives a tough competition to the buttoned ones!

One of the main disadvantages of button smartwatches is that it gets difficult to view the buttons properly. Similarly, swiping gets difficult and depends mostly on the thickness of your finger. Make sure you chose the right smartwatch!


Don’t you like the band of your smartwatch? Are you looking for an alternative to the band that you have? Yes! Choose the smartwatch such that it allows you to select an alternative for the band you like or the designs you wish to change, even to the extent of software compatibility. Being vigilant is good. It lets you select the best smartwatch available.

Make it your smartphone

Yes, you read it right! You can make your smartwatch as your smartphone if you chose the right one! You can send messages, receive notifications as well as call and contact people using the smartwatch! That is why we re-iterate the first point of compatibility and the importance of it in the smartwatch purchase.

Making sure that the smartwatch purchase doesn’t turn out a troublesome experience for you if you are purchasing the smartwatch online, a careful look at the return policy, warranty, and delivery model will be the perfect icing on the cake. Other than the above points, look for the available service centers for the smartwatch as well as prefer a branded product to a non-branded one. Features like integration with Io can be an excellent catch for you.

Buying Guide for the Best Smart Watch

You need to consider the following before buying the best smartwatch under 5000 in India.

Compatible OS

Make sure that the operating system of your watch is compatible with the OS of your phone. It is recommended to buy a smartwatch that can connect to any operating device. There are many smartwatches in the market that is compatible with the basic Android and ios system device.

Any smartwatch that has multiple connectivity options is recommended. This helps you to connect your watch to any device. This will benefit you to upgrade your watch to a different phone in the future if you need it.

Touch Interface

The screen of your phone is much smaller than that of a smartphone. So check this option very carefully. It is difficult there to give accurate commands. So it should have a smooth touch interface to operate easily.

Different types of smartwatches have emerged in the market that let the user operate it in different ways. There are gesture-based, card-based smartwatches or digital crown or side button options.


Check how your smartwatch lets you access your notifications. Many smartwatches let you access your phone’s emails, call logs, messages, etc. directly. This keeps you all time updated about what is happening. This further saves your time from checking your phone all the time, thereby reducing screen time as well. Best smartwatch with calling function under 5000 are some that have such features. 

Trackers as well as Sensors

Smartwatches are often bought by gym lovers and all those who want to keep track of their fitness and daily activities. This is because these watches have an inbuilt tracker and a sensor. Make sure the smartwatch you buy has these two features.

These features let you track your locations, heart rate, daily activities in the form of step count, your nutrient intake, calorie rate, sleep count, etc. These details often come in handy and are useful to keep a record of. Make sure to buy a quality smartwatch that comes with all these standard features. 


Often overlooked factor, but check the display. It is an important factor in smartwatches. The display should be compact and clear enough to view all applications and options without much difficulty. Displays have come in various types, such as LCD, OLED, and AMOLED. OLED and AMOLED displays have impressive color visibility and consume less battery.

Resistance to Water

Smartwatches are used daily, and hence it needs to be water-resistant and durable. Go for smartwatches that have a splash-proof facility. This will protect the watch from damage to some extent by splashing water or rains.

Battery Power

This is very important in this case as it is in the case of buying phones. Smartwatches must make your life easier. So to conduct so many activities, it will require good battery power. This will help it to function well. The more the features, the greater is the power consumption. So opt for watches that have good battery life.


This an additional feature, so include this in your requirement list only if your budget suggests. This allows you to change your smartphone, its design, and strap or screen features on the basis of your mood, outfit, or just wish. 


This is the main determining factor I feel. Consider your budget and then go for choosing smartwatches depending on your requirement. Thinking out of your budget can derail you from your requirement purpose. This is because not all expensive watches are the best buys. See the watches that are in your budget and then start adjusting your needs and preferences. 


A Smartwatch is essential accessories that can help a user keep track of his/her health conditions with ease. The benefits do not end with monitoring health but also quick access to calls and notifications. If you are looking for the best Smartwatches, then the ones listed above will not disappoint you.

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