Best Punching Bags in India 2022

When it comes to training and practicing body punches, no one can think of a better alternative than a punching bag. A punching bag can be used to harden your hands, legs, or any other limbs you use to hit the bag with. It can be made of numerous materials with different types of fillings for different purposes.

Best Punching Bags

If you’re looking for a punching bag, we can help. We have sorted some of the best punching bags for you. You can choose from the list and enjoy the benefits. However, to reap all the benefits, make sure you go for the best according to what you need. If you’re unable to decide, please refer to our buying guide. It has the information that you need for making a good decision. Do checkout best fitness bands in India or best smartwatches in India.

1) AURION Strong Punching Bag

AURION Strong Punching Bag Filled for Boxing MMA Sparring Punching Training Kickboxing Muay Thai (60 INCHES Filled Bag (5 FEET))

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We’ll begin our list with a punching bag from Aurion. It’s the Aurion Strong punching bag which is suitable for people who want to train for MMA, Boxing, kickboxing, etc. It’s five feet high and comes filled with the company. The bag material is waterproof, which makes it suitable for an outdoor setting.

The product is tested with a hanging chain; however, no chain comes along with this product. The item weighs around 22 Kgs and is quite suitable for beginners and intermediates. This punching bag comes with a zip-type fastener which is sturdy and can be used to fill sand as per your convenience.


  • Good height and is safe for kids
  • The outer material is waterproof which means this can be used outside


  • It comes without a hanging chain

2) RMOUR Unfilled Heavy

RMOUR Unfilled Heavy PU Punch Bag Boxing MMA Sparring Punching Training Kick Boxing Muay Thai with Hanging Chain (6 Feet / 72 Inch)

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This punching bag from RMOUR is quite popular. You can use this punching bag for Boxing, sparring punch training, kick Boxing, and more. It comes with a hanging chain but is unfilled. It means you’ll have to fill it with whatever material you seem fit. The punching bag is crafted from high-quality PU material which is both sturdy and light in weight.

This product is soft in nature which helps in absorbing your punches or kicks, and this helps in preventing injuries of any sort. It comes with a 6 feet height which is suited for adults, but more height options are available too. You can fill this bag with contents of up to 30 KG.


  • Light in weight
  • Sturdy material meant for long usage
  • Comes along with a chain


  • The outer material is more of a synthetic material rather than leather

3) Hard Bodies Classic

Hard Bodies Classic Punching Bag Unfilled with Chain (Blue, 4 Feet)

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 This punching bag is quite popular and is suited for limited sports such as Boxing. The Hard Bodies punching bag is two feet high and comes unfilled. It means you’ll have to fill it something. You’ll get a hanging chain along with this product. The material of the punching bag is made of is quite strong and comes with a double stitching pattern for added durability.

The item’s weight is around 1KG and can hold good weight. The chain it comes with is 8 inches high so, you can hang it easily. If you’re a boxer or need a punching bag specifically for Boxing, you can choose this bag.


  • Material is quite strong which makes the bag durable
  • Comes along with 8-inch-high hanging chains


  • The bag comes unfilled.

4) Aurion Filled Heavy Punch

Aurion Strong Synthetic Leather Punching Bag 48 Inch With Hand Wrap (Heavy Bag)

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Now, we’re going to talk about another punching bag from Aurion. It’s the Aurion heavy filled punching bag which is about 4 feet high. This punching bag, similar to others, is suited for kickboxing, Boxing, or MMA training. Also, this product comes with hanging chains that are rust-free and can run for a long.

The punching bag is filled with shredded textile material which makes it easy to use. You can also find boxing hand wrap along with this punching bag which protects you from rashes while you train. The length of the hand wrap is around 108 inches. This punching bag is available in various colors and is made up of synthetic leather. The outer material is quite sturdy and tough, which is meant to last for long.


  • This product comes with a hand wrap
  • The hanging chains it comes with are rust-free suited for long usage


  • The stitching at the bottom can be an issue for some users.


B-TUF UNFILLED Heavy Premium SRF Punching Bag MMA Sparring Training Kick Boxing Muay Thai Martial Arts Unisex Without Chain BT-325 (Black/Silver, 2 Feet)

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The B-TUF premium punching bag is among the best punching bags available. You can use this bag for MMA sparring training, kick Boxing, or even martial arts. The bag is available in an array of sizes from 2-6 feet which is quite versatile. You can choose one for yourself according to your requirements. The outer material is good quality synthetic leather for long usage.

It has a zip-type enclosure that features a very strong zip. This bag comes unfilled but can be filled using used or shredded clothes, aw dust, foam, or sand for better shock absorption and to prevent any injuries.


  • A good quality synthetic material is used.
  • Can be used for numerous sports


  • It comes without a hanging chain.

6) IWIN Unfilled 36 Inches

IWIN IW-214 Synthetic Leather Unfilled Punching Bag Set with Chain and 12Oz Boxing Gloves, 36 inch (Black)

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This listing is about IWIN punching bag which is 36 inches in height. It’s actually a combo that not only comes with a punching bag but includes boxing gloves as well. However, the bag is unfilled and can be filled with sand, or even hard cotton. The punching bag’s outer material synthetic leather, which makes it suitable for extreme usage over time.

The gloves you get with the product are also durable and come with padding to absorb the impact. You need not buy a chain separately as this product comes with a highly durable chain for hanging. However, it is suited for beginners.


  • The product is highly durable
  • The product comes with boxing gloves and a chain


  • Suited only for beginners

7) Invincible Classic

Invincible Classic Vinyl Never Tear Boxing Bag (Red, 80 cm X 35 cm -20 KG)

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The invincible classic vinyl boxing bag is one of the best in this segment. It’s also known as the never tear punching bag which is suited for extended usage. The bag is very stylish and is of high quality. Also, this bag from invincible comes prefilled with high density shredded material which settles less as compared to other filling materials. The bag is known as never tear because of its double-stitched nature which adds in more durability.

It’s one of the few punching bags which come with a two-month warranty against any manufacturing defects. The product weighs around 20 KGs and comes with a hanging chain too. If you’re looking for a dependable punching bag for combat training, it’s the best choice.


  • The outer material is made from vinyl which makes It very durable
  • It comes with a 2-month warranty from the manufacturer


  • It’s quite costly

Buying Guide for Best Punching Bags

A punching bag is something that is a great source to release your energy. There are a variety of punching bags available in the market. Here is a buying guide for you so that you can choose the right punching bag for your workout.

1- Size

Punching bags come in various sizes. The size depends on the type of boxing you do. For punching, the punching bag of 80 to 110 cm will be perfect. If you want a bag for punching as well kicking, you must go for a bag of more than 120 cm.

2- Fabric

You must also consider the fabric of the punching bag. If you are a beginner or a learner, you must choose a fabric that will be supple when punched.

If you are an expert boxer and do extensive training, then you must choose the fabric that will withstand punching and pressure easily without getting damaged. The bag should be sturdy enough.

3- Weight of the Bag

If your ceiling can not withstand the weight of the punching bag, then go for a standing punching bag. The weight of punching can range from 20 to 70 kg and even more.

There are a lot of punching bags in the market of different heights, weights, and sizes. Some punching bags also have a mechanism in which the weight can be adjusted as per the convenience.

4- Choose according to age. 

The punching bags for children must be of less weight as compared to the standard punching bags meant for adults. These bags also do not need a lot of strength. This is because the youth fighters will have less blow on the bag.

The bags meant for the adults will be comparatively large and heavier. The adult bags should be nearly half the weight of your weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

You would find plenty of punching bags in the market. Punching bags are available in a variety of sizes and weights. People have a lot of questions while buying a punching bag. Let’s answer the frequently asked questions about them.

Are punching bags the same for all ages? 

No, punching bags are different for different people. The bags made for a young boxer or fighter are comparatively lighter than the ones meant for the adults.

Are all punching bags of the same kind? 

Punching bags are made of different materials or fabric and also of different sizes and weights. For a person who practices boxing occasionally, a punching bag should supple when it is punched. All those who do their training more regularly must go for the durable punching bags.

What should be the right weight for a punching bag? 

The basic rule for the sizing and weight of your punching bag is that it should be roughly half the weight of your body. Bags that are approximately 5-6 feet are suitable for adults.

Are punching bags very expensive? 

The cost of the punching bags depends on the material used. The leather punching bags are comparatively costlier than the bags made of other man-made materials. Synthetic leather is also used in place of the actual leather, which reduces the cost and gives a similar feel.

What can you fill the punching bag with?

If you get an empty punching bag you can fill it with sand, hard cotton, foam, or even shredded textile material. It all depends on what you need the punching for, 


The list of best punching bags in India ends here. We’ve covered punching bags from one of the best brands which offer the best durability and training experience. You can find numerous affordable options for beginner to intermediate level training. However, if you still cannot decide which one to go for, please look for our buying guide below.

It will help you with some basic factors that will further help you make the right decision. We hope the above insights were valuable. If they were, please share this information on different social media platforms and stay tuned for more stuff like this.

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