Best OTG Cable in India 2022

Everybody who owns an android smartphone or a tablet knows the importance of an OTG cable. These OTG cables help to transfer data from your smartphone to a pen drive easily and quickly. With the help of an OTG cable, you can easily transfer data between mobiles and computers as the data is copied to a pen drive.

Best OTG Cables to Buy in India

It is very useful if you are a student or working in an office. There are many OTG cables available in the market from different brands so it may be difficult to choose the best one if you looking for it in the market. In this post, we list some of the best OTG cables available in the market that you can buy with their features. Also do check cctv cable and electric cables.

1) AGARO - Micro OTG Adapter

AGARO - 33282 USB 3.0 to Micro OTG Adapter

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This Micro-USB to USB 3.0 OTG adapter from Agaro is one of the best in the market for multi-purpose functionality. It features the high-speed USB 3.0 interface for fast sharing of data. It also has a power-sharing functionality. Compatible with a wide range of USB accessories on your android phone/tablet, you can use it with a pen drive, external keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals.

The metal body of this OTG cable makes it highly durable for long-life usage. With its plug and play functionality, you will have no difficulty in using this cable from Agaro. Overall, this is the best OTG micro-USB adapter present in the market.


  • It comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • The slim shape of this cable makes it easy to carry it anywhere without much hassle.
  • It is a multi-purpose OTG cable.

2) LUZWE Type C OTG Adapter

LUZWE ® Type-C OTG Adapter USB Mouse; Cable; Card; Pendrive Connector for All Type C Devices

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The type C OTG adapter from Luzwe is one of the most affordable ones in the market that offers good functionality. With its 3.0 standard, it offers high-speed data transfer of up to 5 Gbps. You can quickly transfer heavy files using this adapter. The Type-C adapter is compatible with all the modern smartphones and tablets that have the type-C interface, which is a lot. You will have good compatibility using this OTG adapter from Luzwe.

With this adapter, you can also turn your type-C port present in your laptop into a standard USB port. You are getting a good quality OTG adapter for an affordable price with this purchase from Luzwe. You won’t go wrong with this purchase as it is the best Type C OTG adapter present in the market.


  • It has a high-speed data transfer rate.
  • It comes with a 10-day replacement warranty.
  • This adapter has a good design and form.

3) Mivi Micro OTG Adapter

Mivi OAM2AN Micro USB to USB A Female OTG Adapter (Grey)

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The compact OTG adapter from Mivi allows your device to acts as a host for other standard USB devices like keyboards, mice, pen drives, etc. With this micro-USB OTG connector, you have wide compatibility with all the device that has micro-USB interface. The compact body is what makes this adapter unique. With this unique design, you can easily take this adapter anywhere without much hassle.

This adapter also gives you power-sharing functionality between different devices. With a host of functionalities and its unique design, this is one of the best micro-USB OTG connectors to get in the market.


  • It comes with a good one-year warranty period.
  • It is compatible with most of the devices available in the market that has a micro-USB interface.
  • This adapter has a compact form that lets you carry it anywhere easily.

4) HundoP Red Type C OTG Cable

HundoP Club Premium Red Type C USB 3.1 to USB 3.0 OTG Cable Compatible for OnePlus Devices

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The Type-C OTG adapter from HundoP lets you quickly transfer data between devices as it has the fast connector type. If your device supports the latest type-C interface, then this is the one that you should get as it has a transfer rate of up to 5 Gbps. The plug and play functionality of this adapter lets you use it easily without any effort. This low-profile connector from HundoP has a great design that won’t take up much space.

With this adapter, you can connect all the standard USB devices with your device that has a type-C interface. With a good design and functionality, you are getting one of the best OTG Type-C adapters in the market for the price.


  • It has a fast data transfer speed of up to 5 Gbps.
  • No external driver is needed for its functionality as it is a plug and play adapter.
  • It has a low-profile form that you can carry anywhere easily.

5) FEDUS OTG Micro USB Adapter

FEDUS OTG Cable Micro USB to USB OTG Cable On The Go OTG Cables Connector Adapter for Android Mobiles Smartphone and Tablet Black Pack 1

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The FEDUS OTG Micro USB Adapter is one of the cheapest products on our list that does the job. It has a micro-USB to standard USB interface that expands your device memory for document reading, video viewing, and more by connecting a pen drive to it. You can also connect other USB peripherals like mouse, keyboards, controllers, and more to your micro-USB enabled device. This adapter also has every compact form, so you can easily store it in your bag or pocket and carry anywhere.

With a tiny form and affordable price, this adapter does not lose much of its functionality. You get a good micro-USB adapter that will work without any problems for a very affordable price.


  • It comes in different colors.
  • It retails for a very affordable price.
  • This adapter can connect with all micro-USB enabled devices for expanding memory.


This USB 3.1 to Type C connector is used to expand your Type-C enabled device by connecting with pen drives, keyboards, hard disk, and other peripherals. With the latest USB standard, you will get a quick transfer of files between your device and the drive using this adapter. This adapter is based on USB 3.0 technology but is also backward compatible with the previous version of USB. Made of TPE, you will get a good life using this adapter.

The V Can adapter is compatible with all modern smartphones, tablets, and laptops that have a type-C interface, so you get good compatibility using this one. Overall, this adapter is a great choice to use with your device.


  • It is backward compatible with the previous version of USB.
  • With the latest USB standard, this adapter has a fast data transfer rate.
  • It is a highly durable OTG adapter.


Buying a quality OTG connector is a must if you want to transfer files between your smartphone and other devices. The market is flooded with OTG cables from different brands, so buying a quality one is difficult. In this post, we have listed the best OTG connectors in the market that you can buy without any second thoughts. We hope this post helps you in getting a good OTG connector to transfer files between your devices.

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