Best Oil For Deep Frying in India 2022

Deep-fried foods have nice flavor and taste with them so it is no surprise that they are some of the most sought-after food types in the world. Submerging food in the hot oil causes the outer layer to cook almost instantly while the moisture inside turns into steam to cook the food from inside. The steam that forms inside keeps the oil out of the food so it does not get spoiled.

Best Oil For Deep Frying

To get the right texture in the food, the oil should be kept at the right temperature for the food to get fried evenly. You should consider a lot before buying oil for deep-frying such as the smoke point, saturated fat level, etc. In this post, let us see some of the best oils available in the market that you can get for deep frying.

1) DiSano Canola Oil

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The DiSano canola oil is an IMA (Indian Medical Association) recommended oil for cooking Indian meals. This oil is rich in multiple Vitamins to make the food much nutritious while keeping the fat level low. Rich in MUFA, foods prepared from this oil keeps the BP and cholesterol level in check. The low absorbing nature of this oil keeps the food light and makes it suitable for deep frying.

With a good amount of vitamins and fatty acids, this canola oil from DiSano is one of the best for preparing Indian cooking like frying, tadka, sauteing, etc.


  • It is low in bad-fat than any commonly used oil.
  • It is high in Omega 3 and 6 that helps to control cholesterol.


The Disano Olive oil is obtained from quality Spanish olives and imported from Spain. It has a high smoke point of 240 degrees celsius that reduces the risk of overheating and eliminates the formation of toxic fumes and free radicals. This high smoke point property of this oil along with its neutral taste makes it good for deep frying Indian foods.

This olive oil has a high amount of good fat, vitamins, and fatty acids to give significant health benefits to the foods prepared from it. With a high shelf life of 24 months, this is one of the best oil for deep frying Indian foods.


  • This oil is light in aroma and flavor.
  • It has a high smoke point of 240 degrees celsius.

3) Leonardo Pomace Olive Oil

Leonardo Pomace Olive Oil (Tin), 3L

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Extracted from 100 % Mediterranean olives, the Leonardo Pomace Olive oil gives you exceptional taste and quality. It has low absorption when foods are fried with it so it ensures that you save oil when cooking Indian meals. Rich in Vitamin E and anti-oxidants, this oil is very good for your hair and skin.

This light oil has a neutral taste so it is perfect for all types of Indian cooking from deep-frying to sauteing. With a shelf life of 24 months, you get an excellent oil for deep frying your food.


  • It is refined olive oil that is infused with extra virgin oil.
  • Foods use 67 percent lesser oil when cooked with this than other regular refined oil.


The Saffola Gold oil is one of the popular edible oils in India for preparing Indian cuisines. It is a blend of 70% refined rice bran oil and 30% refined sunflower oil that gives you the goodness of two oils in one. The LOSORB technology makes the food absorb up to 33% less oil when cooked with it. This property of this oil makes it suitable for cooking foods with the deep-fry method.

This oil from Saffola is also rich in MUFA, PUFA, and anti-oxidants to make the foods much healthier to eat. With a good nutritional benefit, this oil is one of the best for preparing deep-fried foods.


  • The LOSORB technology makes the good absorb less oil when cooked with it.
  • It has a good balance of MUFA & PUFA.

5) Yenstar Anjali Groundnut Oil

YENSTAR Anjali Cold Pressed Groundnut/Peanut Oil (10 Litre - Each 1 Litre Pouch)

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The Yenstar Anjali Groundnut oil is a 100% unadulterated oil that is manufactured from a fatty acid profiling process. It is free from trans fat and additives to make it healthy to prepare foods from it. The high smoking point of this oil makes it convenient for preparing foods with the deep-frying process. High in MUFA and vitamins, this oil gives good nutritional benefits to the foods.

This oil has a high monounsaturated fat content to make it much healthier than other saturated oils. The strong peanut flavor of this oil gives a good punch to your foods. Popular in South Asian cuisine, this groundnut oil is one of the popular choices for preparing Indian meals.


  • It has a high smoke point.
  • It is high in unsaturated fats.
  • This oil gives a good peanut flavor and aroma.


Fortune is another major brand that makes quality oil products. Enriched with vitamins and natural antioxidants, foods prepared from the Fortune Rice bran oil are much healthy to consume. The good nutritional property of this oil also helps to boost our natural immunity. This rice bran oil from Fortune is one of the best to keep a healthy heart as it has the goodness of Gamma Oryzanol. With a shelf life of nine months, this oil is one of the best in the market for preparing Indian foods.


  • It is enriched with anti-oxidants to boost natural immunity.
  • It helps to keep our cholesterol levels in check.

7) Dabur Mustard Oil

DABUR Cold Pressed Mustard Oil, Healthy Cooking Oil with the Goodness of Omega 3 & 6, 1 l

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The Dabur Mustard oil is made from the finest quality mustard with a cold-pressed method to ensure that you get the natural benefits of mustard. It contains a good ratio of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids with a high amount of monosaturated fatty acid to make the food much healthy. The good properties of this oil make it healthy for your heart and help to manage the cholesterol levels in your body. With good health benefits, this oil is a great choice for deep-fried foods.


  • It is rich in mono-saturated fatty acids.
  • It is made from quality mustard to get all the natural benefits from it.


A good oil choice is important for preparing healthy and delicious foods. It is especially important for deep-fried foods as it absorbs a lot of oil. Th above-listed are some of the best oil available in the market that you can choose to make your deep-fried foods much healthy and nutritious.

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