Top 11 Best Induction Cooktop in India 2022 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Have you ever experienced the out-of-gas situation while having a get together at home, or just before making dinner? If yes, then you would have known the importance of having an alternate option to cook food. But the question arises that what is the best way to cook the food without using the gas. The answer to this question is the Induction cooktop. The Induction cooktop is a perfect alternative to the gas burners. They are not only easy to use, but also offer a great set of features to the buyers. So, if you are looking for a great way to cook delicious food without using the gas as a fuel, then the induction cooktop would be a perfect choice for you.

Unlike the gas cooktops, the induction cooktops are more reliable and faster way to cook food. They provide the users with lots of additional features like temperature control, one-touch cooking along with numerous other similar features which make it a great way to cook food. And above all, the induction cooktops allow you to cook wherever you want.

Talking specifically about India, there are lots of companies that manufacture the Induction cooktops for the customers.

So, if you are looking to buy an Induction cooktop for your home, then make sure that it has useful set of features that will help you cooking in an efficient and effective way.

Buyers’ guide for a perfect Induction Cooktop

For those reader who are planning to buy the Induction cooktop for the first time, these important points will help you buy the best induction cooktops for your home. Keep these points in mind and you will easily choose the best product among the huge variety of induction cooktops.

  • Make sure that the cooktop has appropriate Cooking zones
  • Make sure to look at the additional features
  • Makes sure that the induction has enough safety features
  • Brand value and warranty

So, keep these points in mind and buy the best induction cooktop and avoid those products that are not meant for your home.

If you are still confused, and can’t decide which induction cooktop would be a great buy for your home, then here are the top Eleven induction cooktops that you can buy in India right now.

Go through them and buy the best cooktop according to your budget.

1. Havells Insta Cook PT

Havells Insta Cook PT

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Havells Insta Cook PT is a brilliantly designed Induction cooktop that is perfect for the Indian home cooking. With the specified cooking modes for different Indian recipes, this is one of the most sold Induction cooktops in India. Apart from the cooking modes, there are numerous other features that make it a worth buying product for the Indian homes. Some of the unique features of Insta cook PT are listed as follows

  • One touch operation
  • Variable power control
  • Six different cooking modes

 Things we liked

  • Digital display
  • Auto pan detection

Things we didn’t liked

  • First-time users may find it too complicated

2. V Guard VIC-07

V Guard VIC-07

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V Guard VIC-07 is another brilliant looking induction cooktop that is perfectly designed for the Indian cooking needs. Along with the manual cooking mode, the cooktop also has predefined settings for the Dosa, Curries, milk,and others. So, if you are looking for an easy to use induction cooktop that looks great and performs equally well, then the V Guard VIC-07 would be a perfect choice for you.

Here are the unique features of V Guard VIC-07 that make it a perfect buy for Indian customers.

  • Spill-proof technology
  • Eight different power levels
  • LED digital display

Things we liked

  • Compact design
  • 1600-watt power

Things we didn’t liked

  • Doesn’t support bigger vessels

3. Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01

Philips Viva Collection HD4938

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For those buyers who are looking for a great looking and stable induction cooktop, the Philips Viva HD4938/01 is a perfect choice. With the most stable body, this is a great product the Indian kitchens. Apart from the perfectly designed body, there are numerous other features that make it a perfect kitchen appliance for the Indian homes. Some of the unique features of Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 are listed as below

  • 24-hour preset timer function
  • Auto-off program for perfect cooking
  • 10 preset menus for Indian recipes

Things we liked

  • Sensor touch keys
  • 0-3 hours time setting
  • Extremely easy to handle

Things we didn’t liked

  • Quality of the power cord is not up to the mark

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4. Havells Insta Cook ST-X

Havells Insta Cook ST-X

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Another brilliant induction cooktop from Havells that is designed for the buyers who love cooking food on the induction and have the experience of handling it. The soft touch controls make it a brilliant buy for the buyers who are looking for and elegant induction cooktop. Some unique features about the Havells Insta Cook ST-X are

  • Eight-different cooking modes
  • 3-hour timer for added control
  • Variable temperature setting

Things we liked

  • Automatically switches off at a higher temperature
  • Auto pan detection

Things we didn’t liked

  • May switch off automatically during standalone cooking

5. Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01

Philips Viva Collection

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For those buyers who are looking for a reliable induction cooktop with all he essential features and highly durable build quality,Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 will be a perfect choice. The cooktop automatically detects the pan and has good power to deal the Indian cooking needs. Here are the unique things about Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01

  • Easy to use functions
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Touch start

Things we liked

  • Perfect for the Indian recipes
  • 0-3 hours time setting

Things we didn’t liked

  • Small power cord

6. Pigeon by Stovekraft Cruise 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop 


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There is another brilliant product for those buyers who are wants to make cooking easy and effortless in their busy life and the stovekraft cruise 1800-watt induction cooktop by pigeon the best option for you and you can replaced your old stove.

The auto switch off timer helps your cooking easily and faster, and it has all great features with beautiful stylish looks which match your modern kitchen.

Things we liked

  • This high efficiency
  • Its eco-friendly
  • It comes with dual heat sensor technology
  • It best option is LED display for easy selection of menus
  • Reliable & most popular brand

Things we didn’t liked

  • Customer service is not well

7. Prestige PIC 15.0+ 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop

Prestige PIC 15.0+ 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop

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For the premium built quality, great design, and all the basic features, you can go with Prestige PIC 15.0+ 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop. The best part is, it has Concealed and feather touch buttons for the easier use. That’s why you can rely on the same without having a single issue.

It operates at 1900 watts and heats up pretty quickly to offer you effective working. The brand credibility and great after-sale services ensure the best use of the same that’s why you can rely on the same without having a single issue.

  • It comes with Concealed Buttons.
  • Wall is anti-magnetic
  • The top material is full glass.

Things We Liked 

  • Soft-touch button, easy to press.
  • Quite handy and lightweight design.
  • It comes with one year of warranty.
  • Extra induction cooktop included.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • It has a high price.

8. Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop

Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop

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With the huge brand credibility of Bajaj and their quality after-sale services, Bajaj Majesty ICX 7 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop is our next product of choice. It has a genuine built quality, eight preset menus, easy to use design, and a lot more to love about it.

The gold or yellow color lining gives it a unique finish, that’s why you can consider the purchase for sure. It has 1900W power, which makes you heat up stuff without any issue. All these factors and one year of warranty ensure the best purchase.

  • 1-Year of warranty
  • 8 Preset Menu option
  • Push Control button for easier use.

Things We Liked 

  • Genuine built quality.
  • Buttons are easy to press.
  • Heat up in quick time, effective heating.
  • Great after-sale services.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Price can make you rethink the purchase.

9. Pigeon by Stovekraft Favorite 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

Pigeon by Stovekraft Favorite 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop

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In the category of reputed brands, Pigeon is also a great choice that can offer you an affordable product of choice without any issue. With the genuine built quality and great design, you can consider Pigeon by Stovekraft Favorite 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop.

It consumes less power; it has a preset menu and effective cooking features to enhance your overall cooking experience. The only downside of this product is slow cooking. It takes a little time. Otherwise, every single factor is great about using this induction plate.

  • 1800 watt cooktop
  • Soft and easy to press button
  • Automatic shutoff

Things We Liked 

  • Auto shut off when not in use.
  • The small and handy size of the same.
  • Genuine built quality
  • Come for an affordable prices.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Slow cooking

10. Prestige induction PIC 6.0

Prestige induction PIC 6.0

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Our next product on the list is from prestige. It is a genuine quality product along with plenty of features. The child lock function prevents unintentional use. As other products timer feature is not automatic. This product will help you to make the presets according to the dishes that made last time.

It offers features like the Indian menu option, which makes it easier to have a guess about the cooking temperature. This product comes with a user manual, which can be handy if you’re having trouble using any functions. Dual heat sensors help for optimized heating. Voltage regulator makes it eco-friendlier by consuming less power.

  • Effective power supply.
  • Heats up at the quick time.
  • Low energy consumption

Things we liked 

  • Single touch lid locking.
  • Automatic power-saving mode.
  • Micro crystal glass panel.

Things we didn’t like 

  • The touch display is hard to use.
  • Over consumption of electricity has noticed.

11. Ibell glass induction Cooktop

Ibell glass induction

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Ibell glass induction comes with a cooktop crown with different features like auto shut and overheat protection. High-quality glass makes the kitchen look more beautiful. As the first thing that is desired by anyone in induction is different controls setting. This product has a touch button, which makes this easy to use.

It automatically shut off the power when the induction starts to overheat. The timer feature helps to make it more compact if you won’t to cook for a certain time. While cooking on this induction, keep in mind that you will use the compatible cookware having a flat bottom. The right bottom diameter, which is 12-20 cm, will help the induction to cook properly. Some of the basic features that iBell glass induction offers are-

  • High-quality coils
  • Wide voltage flexibility
  • High-quality crystal glass

Things we liked 

  • Timer features make it easy to cook
  • Lock function helps to set it on custom settings

Things we didn’t like 

  • Sometimes buttons can get heated too


So, there were the five best induction cooktops that you can buy in India. The only thing you need to do is to choose the best one according to your needs, and budget. Also, make sure to buy the induction cooktop right through before the stocks end.

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