Best Engine Oil for Activa in 2022 – Buyers Guide & Reviews

In India, Honda Activa is the most popular and best-selling two-wheeler scooter. In traffic-filled Indian road, hassle-free scooter riding has become easy with Activa. Therefore, if you own a Honda Activa, then you must pay attention to secure your travel with top-quality engine oil. But, nowadays, the Indian market is flooded with different brand’s engine oil. So, you must be confused which is the best engine oil for Honda Activa?

Well, take a deep breath and relax! In this blog, we will shed light on the best 7 engine oil in 2022 that you can use to keep your Honda Activa active.

Without further ado, let us get started.

Top 7 Best Oil For Honda Activa

1) Motul Scooter LE 10W30 Engine Oil (800 ml)

Motul Scooter LE 10W30 Engine Oil (800 ml)

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 Featuring first on the list is Motul Scooter LE 10W30 engine oil. This engine oil is compatible with almost all gearless vehicles including Honda Activa, Access, and Dio. This engine oil is the best to prevent wear and tear even in rough running conditions. This brand is a leading lubricant brand and has been in the industry for more than 150 years. Due to their top-quality products, they have earned a pretty good name in the industry. This engine oil guarantees lower friction, improved fuel economy, and fewer carbon emissions.


  • It gives a smooth riding experience.
  • Its oil consistency is quite thick.
  • It is a lucrative product to buy.
  • It gives a quick start to the engine and helps in increasing the pickup.


  • Its packing is not attractive.
  • It gives a vibration effect on the engine when it starts.
  • It reduces mileage.

2) Shell Advance AX5 550031343 10W-30 API

Advance Shell Honda MB Scooter Mineral Oil (10W-30, 800ml)

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Coming up next on the list is Shell Advance AX5 10W-30 API. If you are searching for a premium alternative to your Activa’s engine oil needs then this is the perfect pick for you. This engine oil has a superior formula that keeps pistons clean and durable. This engine oil makes the ride smoother. It meets the standards JASO MA specification and API SL performance specification. Let us check out its pros and cons.


  • This is the best engine oil to use during winter.
  • It reduces engine noise and vibration.
  • This engine oil protects and extends engine life.


  • This engine oil you need to change between 1000km and 1500km.

3) Mobil Super Moto 10W-30

Mobil Super Moto 10W-30 API SL 4-AT Premium Technology Engine Oil for Scooters (0.8L)

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 Up next on the list is Mobil Super Moto 10W-30. It is another excellent engine oil option for Activa. It offers high-grade wear protection. This engine oil offers an extra 40% wear protection against industry standards. So, it ultimately helps in extending the life of the engine. This engine oil does not only protect the engine from wear and tear but it also cleans the engine from excessive impurities and dirt. This engine oil is specifically made for scooters and it keeps them running smoothly and increases their life-span.


  • It offers better performance for more than 2000kms if you ride 40 to 50km per hour’s speed.
  • When you use it engine’s noise will get reduced.
  • It offers a smooth ride.


  • Its mileage gets reduced after 500km.


SERVO Scootomatic 4ST for Modern Gearless Scooters (800ML)

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 Another excellent option is SERVO SCOOTOMATIC 10W-30. It is one of the exciting options for use with the 4-stroke gearless scooters. This engine oil is the perfect choice for scooter engines but is not recommended to use with the motorcycles. This engine oil meets perfectly both the standards – JASO MB and SAE to W30 standards. We are recommending this engine oil because it reduces wear and tears at the time of engine starting. This engine oil is cost-effective and extends the lifespan of the engine. This engine oil is the perfect-pick for the Honda Activa 4G.


  • It improves engine performance.
  • It reduces engine vibration.
  • It comes at affordable prices.


  • This engine oil is not thick
  • It burns out in less than 1000km.

5) MAK Lubricants 4T Scootech NXT API SL 10W-30

MAK Lubricants 4T Scootech NXT API SL 10W-30, JASO MB Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil for Gearless Scooters (800 ml)

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 The next on the list is MAK Lubricants 4T Scootech NXT API SL 10W-30. It is excellent semi-synthetic engine oil for all gearless scooters. This engine oil enhances the lubrication of the engine.  So, the rider can enjoy a comfortable ride. This also helps the rider to get a quick response from the engine with added power output. The main reason behind suggesting this engine oil is it works on unique friction modifier technology that helps in optimizing fuel consumption. This engine oil performs best even in rusty and critical conditions. This engine oil is a perfect match for Honda Activa.


  • It perfectly matches all gearless scooters.
  • It offers better-quality lubrication power.
  • It works best till 2500 to 3000 Kms.


  • This oil’s consistency is quite thin.

6) HONDA 4-Stroke Bike Engine Oil

Honda 4-Stroke Bike Engine Oil

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Featuring next on the list is Honda 4-Stroke Bike Engine Oil. This engine oil is of top-notch quality and provides you with the premium features. It matches international standards such as JASO MB and SAE perfectly. We are suggesting this engine oil because it resolves all modern commuting issues. They are manufactured by keeping in mind the modern riding conditions with 100% optimum performance surety. This engine oil is made up using additional ingredients that help in controlling friction, minimize wear and abrasion, and improves the hydrodynamic lubrication. This engine oil is one of the best engine oil for Activa.


  • This engine oil decreases wear and keep your engine alive.
  • It cleans the engine that ultimately extends the engine’s life.
  • It helps in increasing fuel economy.


  • This engine oil works best for only Honda brand’s scooters.
  • This engine oil’s consistency is not thick.

7) Gulf pride 10W-30

GULF Pride Scooter SAE 10W-30 - Superior Performance 4-Stroke Engine Oil for Scooters [800 ML] - Pack of 1

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Last but not least in the list is Gulf pride 10W-30. This engine oil is highly recommended for modern scooters. This engine oil can provide first-rate engine cleanliness, rust protection, and it easily steeps into the engine and lubricate the whole motor part of it. Do you love long rides? Then, this engine oil is the best for you. This engine oil boosts fuel utilization by preventing friction. This engine oil meets API SL and JASO MB standards of oil. Therefore, it can become your certified go-to-buy product. When you use this engine oil you have to spend a few bucks on the maintenance of your Activa. In short, it will save your time, money, and energy.

Here are its pros and cons.


  • It reduces friction.
  • It helps in fighting with corrosion.
  • When you use this engine oil, your Activa can tackle tough roads easily.
  • It is a budget-friendly buy.


  • No cons

What Factors to Consider While Buying Engine Oil?

The oil that goes into your vehicle’s engine does not only lubricate it but it helps in cleaning up emissions and maintaining fuel efficiency. So, you should consider the following factors while buying engine oil.

  • Functions

Engine oil does not only lubricate the engine but it controls friction, wear, corrosion, contamination, and temperature. It means you must understand what unique challenges your vehicle poses and based on that you should pick engine oil. Choose the engine oil that is labeled clearly to signify how they are made to perform and under what state of affairs.

  • Type of Engine Oil

You must select the engine oil based on your bike model, usage, driving conditions, and so on. There are different types of oil such as synthetic, semi-synthetic, premium mineral oil, mineral oil, and so on.

  • Ingredients

When it comes to engine oil you may not think it as having different ingredients in it. However, the fact here is that there are lots of diverse additions to the base oil with an aim to improve the performance. These addictives can act as a detergent, an anti-oxidant, an anti-wear agent, friction modifier, and much more. So, select engine oil wisely.

  • Cost

Another important factor is cost. When it comes to the cost of engine oil, you should not only look at the price tag on the container. Simply take that number and compare it with the cost of downtime or replacement. If you just spent 50k-60-k on a new Activa then paying a few bucks for high-quality engine oil is a prudent decision. As a result, your machine will function better and its lifespan will be increased.

Signing Off

If you want to increase the lifespan of your scooter, you must pay special attention to the maintenance of every aspect. But, as you know engine oil is the lifeblood of any vehicle so special attention is required in this area. You must select the engine oil that provides you with the best performance when it comes to protecting your Activa’s engine. You should select the brand that keeps your vehicle noise-free and make your every ride smooth. So, without a second thought, opt for any of these engine oils and enjoy the best engine life ever!

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