Top 5 Best Car Inflatable Beds In India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are planning for a long road trip then it is very important to see that your car is having inflatable bed. It can give you comfort to a good extent. However, most of the modern cars have these types of facilities. You can even carry other guests along with you as they can also enjoy the comfort in the whole journey. By using this type of inflatable beds you can have a sound sleep and it will also provide good energy to your body. You will feel much refreshed at the same time.

In this article we are going to know about the top 5 car inflatable beds in India. It will be a beautiful experience to know about this article. At the same time there will be a parah about the buying guide of inflatable beds. This part will help the users to know more about such beds. They can also choose the right one from the long list. Now let’s have a glimpse at some of the top inflatable beds in India 2022 that can help you to choose the best one from a long list.

Benefits of Having Inflatable Beds at Car

There are ample benefits of using these types of beds in a car. If you are travelling a long way on road then it is better to carry these types of beds as they can give you good comfort. They are easy to install and people can spend a long time relaxing on this bed. They are designed in a special way so that you can get good comfort on such beds.  Some of the important uses of such beds are,

  • Consists of special shapes that fill the space where passengers feet go while seating at the back seats.
  • The beds can accommodate a lot of people at a time.
  • It is soft enough and flexible to a great extent.
  • It can accommodate itself in a small space.
  • Takes a very less time to take the shape of a bed.

All this above features and benefits of the inflatable beds has helped people to a good extent. No need to worry about the long road journey.

You can easily enjoy any type of road trips with the help of these types of inflatable beds.

Best Buy Car Inflatable Beds Online in India

People who are not aware about the concept of inflatable beds that are used in car can now feel helpful by going through this article. In the following parah you will come to know about the top 5 car inflatable beds.

1. HSR Inflatable Car Bed Mattress with Two Air Pillows

HSR Inflatable Car Bed Mattress

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This product will provide you with a very comfortable environment that you might need while travelling a long distance in car. It can also reduce the bumping and vibrations that are produced during driving. It is also perfect for camping. The material used to manufacture these types of beds is of high-quality. The user will have a very comfortable and luxurious feeling on these beds.

What we liked

  • Durable in nature.
  • Appropriate for SUV and Sedan cars.
  • Can bear good weight of persons. Two adults can sleep comfortably on the bed.
  • Ample colors and you can choose as per your demand and wish.
  • Comes with two pillows so that people can sleep comfortably.

What we did not like

  • Could have been manufactured in a much better way so that the old aged people can also relax easily.

2. Qualimate CARBED Car Inflatable Mattress Air Bed (Multicolour)

Qualimate CARBED Car Inflatable Mattress

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If you are planning for a long road trip and camping then it is best to use this type of mattresses. Apart from this, the mattress is quite portable in nature. It can be carried from one place to another very easily. Even it can be cleaned in a very easy way. These types of mattresses fit easily in any types of car. It can also be folded very easily when not in use.  The quality of the bed is quite high and it can be used for a long without any issues.

What we liked

  • Comes with quick fill air pump so that the bed can be blown easily.
  • It is very safe and comfortable for the kids and the adults too.
  • The mattresses can be folded very easily when not in use.
  • The product comes with 30 day warranty.
  • It is quite light in weight.
  • Best for adventure, festivals or parties.
  • Both tough and durable.

What we did not liked

  • The middle support should have been more durable.

3. All Extreme EXCBMRC1 Multifunctional Inflatable Car Bed Mattress Universal Car Back Seat

All Extreme EXCBMRC1 Multifunctional Inflatable Car Bed

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If you are planning to go for some outing along with your little ones then it can be the best one for your trip. This mattress is so spacious and comfortably that it can be fantastic for the kids. Moreover, you will also get a set of two pillows that will help to give more comfort to them. The mattress is waterproof at the same time. So, no need to worry about it.

It can fit in almost all types of cars. It is cold-resistant so that the passengers get a warm feeling. It is also available in various colors.

What we liked

  • This mattress is used for multipurpose uses.
  • It can carry a good number of people.
  • Can be stored very easily when not in use. If folded becomes compact and very small in size.
  • Provides comfortable environment during the trip by preventing the bumps and vibrations.
  • Blocks the noise of the vehicle that usually comes from the lower part of the vehicle.

What we did not like

  • Warranty period could have been extended a little bit.

4. Stvin Travel Bed Car Air Mattress with Pump

Stvin Travel Bed Car Air Mattress

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If you are getting tired of driving for a long time then there is a good option before you. This type of mattresses is a very comfortable one for everyone who is traveling. They can give you the absolute comfort. There are some unique qualities of this mattress that makes it different from the other ones. It is quite durable and tough in comparison with the other types of mattress available in the market. It takes a few minutes to get a shape of bed. Once blown the whole thing becomes very soft and smooth. It also comes with a good warranty period.

What we like

  • The product is ultra thickened.
  • It is fit for any types of car.
  • The performance of the bed sis quite good and so has gained good fame.
  • The price is very reasonable and affordable.
  • The material is silky and so it is very fine at the same time.
  • Quite helpful for the kids.

What we did not like

  • The space could have been increased to a good extent.

5. Kawachi WV001RCA0160 Car Travel Organizer Bed

Kawachi WV001RCA0160 Car Travel Organizer Bed

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If you are wishing to have a product that can help you in a long road trip then this product is the best one. It is the most beautiful types of beds that are available in the market. It is quite helpful for both the kids and the adults. The most amazing part of this product is that it can be adjusted as per the demand of the user. There are various types of color and so you can choose it as per your wish. The air inside the bed lasts for about 10 hours without any problem. They are just too good for adventure or parties or for any type of trips. Once blown the mattress looks amazing. Kids can really enjoy a lot on these types of bed.

What we liked

  • Quite compatible on any types of vehicles.
  • It can adjust to any place.
  • Perfect for the kids as they can sleep very comfortably.
  • Gives a very smooth and nice feeling at the same time.

What we did not like

  • Could have come with a good warranty period.

Buyer Guide for Choosing the Best Car Inflatable Beds

 If you are looking for a comfortable napping and relaxation whole while travelling then these types of beds is just the perfect one. However, there is certain buying guide that should be followed in this context. It can help you to get the best product with a reasonable price.

Look for the comfort ability

To be very honest this is the first and most important while buying a mattress. If you are searching for a good mattress then it is vital to see that it gives a comfortable feeling to you. In simple words, you should get the opportunity to relax on the bed. You should also see that the mattress can hold the air for a long time.

Easy to use

At the same time, it should be a very easy process to handle the bed. Most of the beds take a long time for operating. This is not good. The process should be so simple that it can be done by anyone. In some cases, it has been seen that people has to do wrestling with the mattress to use it.

Providing warmness

People should also get good warm when they are sleeping at camping. You should check it properly. Moreover, the thermal properties of the bed should be cross checked sincerely. The larger the bed the more it will have the ability to make the bed cold or heat.


The bed should be compact enough to be stored in any place. It should not consume a lot of space while packing. It should be always remembered that bed is to be mostly stored inside the car. So compactness is the most important thing.

Reasonable Price

Moreover, the bed should always be available at a reasonable price. If it is over –priced then the demand will lower down.


In most of the cases, it is seen that the demand of the inflatable car beds has increased considerably in due course of time. It is also expected that the buyers guide will also help the user to make the right choice.

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