Best Camera Phones for Low Light Photography

The times are gone when people used to buy separate cameras for photography. These days, everything is compact and found in one device, which is a smartphone. There are thousands of smartphones that come loaded with features you cannot ignore.

Best Camera Phones for Low Light Photography

If you’re here to find the phones with the best camera for low light photography, we can help. We have gathered some of the best camera phones to click the best photographs both in optimum and low light. If you’re unable to choose the best camera phone, please refer to our buying guide here. It contains information which will help you choose better.

1) Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (Cosmic Gray, 12GB RAM, 128GB Storage) Without Offer

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We’ll start off our list with Samsung S20 Ultra. This device comes with a whopping 12 GBs of RAM and 128 GBs of internal storage expandable up to 1 TB. Talking about its camera, the S20 plus has simply everything you need for awesome low light photography. This device comes with four rear cameras. The first one is 108 MP, which has an f/1.8 aperture.

This aperture is wide enough to let in a large amount of light and thus facilitates good low light photography. The second camera is a 48 MP periscope telephoto camera, which comes with a smaller aperture and has a 10X hybrid Zoom. The third camera it comes with is 12 MP, which has a better aperture than the 2nd camera and takes amazing pictures at ultrawide angles.


  • Large sensor and a 12MP wide-angle camera support low light photography
  • This device comes with faster and larger lenses and has a natural Bokeh mode for better low light imaging


  • The device, however, is good for photography, is very costly and not an affordable option.

2) Google Pixel 5 5G

Google Pixel 5 5G 128GB - Just Black

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The Google Pixel 5 5G comes with 128 GB internal storage and 8 GB RAM. This device is a premium smartphone that has quite unique camera features. It comes with a dual-camera where the first one is of 12MP and has an amazing aperture of f/1.7 and has a dual-pixel sensor.

This helps to capture more light during dim or low light photography. The second camera offers a higher aperture but is facilitated for ultrawide angles. These ultrawide camera angles make it quite a tough competitor for others on the list. You can record 4K videos with this device at 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second. Also, this device has a better battery as compared to its previous models.


  • This device has an optical image stabilization
  • Ultrawide angle and bigger aperture make it good for low light photography
  • It has 5G enabled


  • The device looks average

3) Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro (Aurora, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage)

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The Huawei P30 Pro is also a great phone with a great camera and other lucrative features. This device comes with 256 GB internal storage and 8 GB RAM. It means the smartphone can easily multitask and can store tons of data. The Huawei P30 Pro has a quad-camera system with a 40 MP camera with a low aperture to take in more light, a 20 MP camera with 1.6 aperture & an ultra-wide angle, an 8 MP telephoto camera.

This device also has an amazing night mode and is suited for clicking good pictures in a dark or low light environment. However, the images clicked with this device sometimes lose focus or can be unsaturated at times. 


  • Dedicated Night mode for better photography in the dark
  • Comes with a periscopic lens for better zooming


  • Images in low light may lose saturation or focus.

4) New Apple iPhone 12

New Apple iPhone 12 (64GB) - Black

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This listing is about a premium device from Apple, i.e., iPhone 12. It comes with a 64 GB internal storage capacity and is incorporated with a new and faster Bionic Chip. Talking about photography, iPhones simply deliver exceptional photos, not only in full light but also in dim light. Night mode functionality is available in all cameras delivers dimly lit pictures.

And it’s not only in the rear cameras but in the front camera too. iPhone 12 comes with an ultra-wide camera lens, which clicks night mode images pretty well. The secondary camera has a low aperture and has a wide-angle to capture up to 27% more light. There’s a new night mode time-lapse feature which you can enjoy with a device using a tripod.


  • Improved camera with a wider angle which captures more light
  • Better low light image capture
  • This device also comes with a Night mode portrait feature


  • Price is again a big concern in this device.

5) Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (Prism Black, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is also worth a mention in this list. The device is very powerful and comes with a triple camera setting. You can enjoy a large storage capacity of 128 GB and a RAM of 8GBs. Also, this device has an impressive battery, which is quite good for long usage. The triple camera setup includes a 12MP sensor along with 1.4-micrometer pixels and a low aperture for better light capture.

The primary camera has a dual pixel autofocus feature for more stable, precise photos. The second camera in the setting is a 16MP camera with 1-micrometer pixels and has a high aperture, and captures wider angles with precision. And the third camera is a telephoto camera with a 12MP sensor.


  • Triple camera setting and better focal lengths provide good zoom
  • Large pixel density to capture more light and thus offers good low light picture quality


  • The camera lenses are not as wide as other competitors in the segment

6) Huawei P40 Pro

Huawei P40 Pro 8GB 256GB Hybrid Dual-SIM 6.58' Display (Silver Frost)

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 Huawei P40 Pro is a great camera phone. It has everything to top the list of the best camera mobiles. This device comes with 8GB Ram and 256 GB internal storage. Talking about its camera quality, it’s exceptional. It comes with a four-camera setting. You can find a 50 MP ultra-vision camera with a wide-angle camera and an aperture of 1.8. The second camera is an ultra-wide 40 MP camera with an impressive aperture of 1.9, similar to the primary camera.

The 3rd camera on the rear is a 12 MP telephoto camera. And the 3D depth camera completes the 4-camera setup. The camera may not be as wide as it is in the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra, but its telephoto camera makes it unique and effective.


  • Quad Camera System
  • Low aperture for an amazing light capture  



  • Has less wide camera lenses.

7) Google Pixel 3a XL

Google Pixel 3a XL (Just Black, 64 GB) (4 GB RAM)

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This device right here is very classy and comes with 4GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage. The Google Pixel 3a XL is one of the best camera phones from Google. This device comes with a ‘Night Sight’ released by Google for Pixel 3 series. It uses software on a single camera to offer better low light photography. And this is what sets this device apart.

The Pixel 3a XL comes with a 12MP rear camera with a 1.8 aperture and dual-phase detection. This aperture is good enough to capture ample light required for the best low light photography. The camera is impressive and not only brightens the pictures but doesn’t lose the details.


  • It comes with a unique ‘Night Sight feature.’
  • Good aperture with detailed low light photography


  • Pricey device and is low on storage

Buying Guide 

The smartphone makers have taken their game to another level when it comes to low light photography. With the increase in technology, smartphones can capture high-quality pictures and can record high-resolution videos. Here is a buying guide for you to buy a good quality smartphone for low light photography.

1- Hardware

Your phone must capture as much light as possible with its camera’s sensor to get good pictures in the dark. The lens opening’s size and quality, the sensor’s size, exposure, and pixels are the camera parts that help capture the picture.

2- Wide Aperture

A wide aperture allows more light to be captured. The Huawei P30 Pro has a wide f/1.6 aperture, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s aperture is f/1. 8. Lesser aperture value means more light capturing ability. So, you can choose accordingly. 

3- Mixed and Long Exposure

HDR+ is a feature that improves the highlight detail and makes the picture look better, even in low light. It combines multiple exposures and gives you great results. Huawei and Google have launched their own long exposure night modes. It will help you in getting dynamic shots. 

4- Large Sensors

The bigger the sensors, the more light will be captured and thus better-quality pictures even in dim light. Let’s take an example of a bucket. The bigger the bucket, the more be the water captured, and that too in a less time period. The same is the case with the sensors. This feature will help in capturing better images without losing any details.

5- Focus

It is the most important factor while clicking pictures, especially in less or low light. Look for a smartphone that doesn’t lose its focus and provides crisp and detailed images. You can find devices that come with autofocus features or have image stability for precise imaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have a lot of questions before buying smartphones. We will answer some of the frequently asked questions related to camera phones for low light photography.

Are these phones affordable? 

You would find several good quality and inexpensive smartphones with excellent low light photography features. All you need to do is complete research about the product before finally investing in it.

Do low light photography camera phones need to have large sensors? 

Large sensors can capture more light, which increases the quality of the picture and gives you a detailed and crisp image. This is why large sensors are necessary for better pictures, especially in low light.

The more megapixels, the more will be the quality. Is it true? 

Well, this statement is far from the truth. There are other important factors that you must consider, such as the aperture range, sensor size, and the pixel micrometer. Do not be fooled by focusing on the count of the megapixels. Do check best keypad phones in India.

Does the aperture range matter in a low light camera phone? 

Aperture is foundational in controlling the amount of light that enters into the lens. Wide apertures capture more light, therefore providing a better-quality picture. This means that the aperture range does matter for a low light smartphone. Also check best landline phones.


People still think that more pixels mean better picture quality but this is not true. There are numerous other factors like pixel micrometers, sensor size, aperture range, etc., which actually determine the low light quality. If the aperture is low, it means the lens is going to capture more light. And more light means better, brighter pictures in low or dim light settings.

Also, the wider the sensor size, the better it is. You can go through the list and opt for one that suits your requirements. Make sure to check our buying guide if you need help deicing which camera setting is the best.  

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