Best Cable for CCTV – Long Distance Stability

CCTV cameras are more common now than you can imagine. Once only seen in big corporations, CCTV cameras have now occupied medium to small business offices and even some homes. They give you the sense of security that no other device can. If you are thinking about installing CCTV cameras in your home or office, then you should get a good quality CCTV cable to go with it.

Best CCTV Cable for Long Distance

A quality CCTV cable will give you a good reproduction of the image from your camera to the monitor. It should also be of a good length, so you can easily connect to different areas in your home or office. If you are new to buying a CCTV cable, then you must be confused as there are many cables available in the market. In this post, let us see some of the best CCTV camera cables available in the market that you can buy with confidence.

1) CP PLUS 3+1 Coaxial Pure Copper Cable

CP PLUS 3+1 Coaxial Pure Copper CCTV Camera Cable (90 Meter) White

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The CP PLUS CCTV Cable is a 90-meter cable that is ideal for surveillance use of your home or office. This cable is made of solid bare copper with 0.81 mm in diameter with two shields surrounding it. The first shield is made of bonded aluminum tap while the second shield is made of aluminum alloy braid. With good braiding, this cable provides you a noise-free and non-penetrated video signals, which is necessary for safety and security reasons. This PVC cable is a tough and tensile one with an excellent coating for long-lasting durability.

With 90 meters in length, this cable will be adequate to easily fit the CCTV cameras at different parts of your home or office. Overall, you get a solid CCTV camera for the price.


  • It features double-shielded braiding.
  • It is a tough and tensile cable that will give you long-lasting usage.
  • This CP PLUS is an ideal coaxial cable for the office and home security cameras.

2) DLINK High Performance CCTV Cable

DLINK High Performance CCTV 3+1 Cable

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DLINK is one of the most reputable brands when it comes to electronic products. This high-performance CCTV cable from DLINK is one of the best in the market, which is ideal for home and office security cameras. With 90 meters in size, this CCTV camera cable will be adequate in size to fit the CCTV camera easily in your home or office. This cable also has a marking of length for every 1 meter so you can easily get a measure when fitting this cable.

With this purchase of this product, you get a premium quality CCTV cable that will give you good video signals for you to monitor. You are getting a quality cable for the price from DLINK that will work for a long time.


  • It is a quality cable that has high durability.
  • It is best suited for residential and industrial CCTV camera use with its 90-meter length.

3) Usewell CCTV Cable

Usewell 90 Meter CCTV Cable 3+1 Works with All Brand CCTV Cameras

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The Usewell CCTV cable is another reputable product in our list that gives you long durability with good usage. It works with all branded CCTV cameras, so you get wide compatibility using this cable. With a sturdy design and good build, you will get a long use with this CCTV cable. The 90-meter length of this cable will make it easy for you to fit the CCTV camera in your home or office. With a good design and great durability, you are getting a great CCTV cable for the price from Usewell.


  • It works with all branded cameras with great compatibility.
  • It has a sturdy design, which will work for a long time with no problem.

4) Optisoft 3 in 1 CCTV Camera

Optisoft RT34TFG627 30m 3-in-1 CCTV Camera Wire (Copper, White)

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The Optisoft 3 in 1 CCTV cable is made of good material that provides high durability for a long time to come. This full copper all in one wire includes wire for power supply along with video and audio. With 30 meters in length, you will get good connectivity of CCTV cameras in your home. The outer material of this cable is made of PVC, so you will get a good resistance to weather for high durability with this cable.

You will get a good video and audio signal using this CCTV camera cable, so you can confidently use this cable with your CCTV cameras on your home and office.


  • It is made of good outer PVC for weather resistance and high durability.
  • You get a 30-meter cable bundle with this purchase.

5) Zebronics CCTV Cable

ZEBRONICS ZEB-C3C1XAB-PLUS-90M ZEBRONICS CCTV Cable, White, 10 * 10 * 5.10

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Zebronics is another household name when it comes to electronic devices. The CCTV cable from Zebronics is made of copper and it gives you a good CCTV video footable with its 42 gauge. This solid copper core wire has aluminum foil under braiding for less noise distraction and good video signal. You are sure to get a good surveillance using this CCTV cable.

This cable is 90 meters in length with 6mm in thickness, so you can easily fit it to the CCTV camera around your home or office. With a good build and durability, you are getting a solid CCTV cable for the money.


  • It features an aluminum foil braiding for good video signal transmission.
  • It has a good length for an easy fit.

6) Kathiriya Terabyte CCTV Cable

Kathiriya Terabyte Tubros Star 90Mtr CCTV 3+1 Complete Copper Cable 1Pcs by Kathiriya's

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This all-in-one CCTV camera cable from Kathiriya is 90 meters in length and it has multiple functional wires present with it. It has wires for video, audio, and power transmission. This copper cable has a BNC connectors for transmitting video signal and DC connectors for power transmission. With a simple installation, you can use this one cable to transmit video and power easily to/from your CCTV camera.

With this cable, you get an easy connection between your surveillance cameras to your power supply and DVR. Overall, you are getting a good CCTV cable for the price with this model from Kathiriya.


  • It has multiple functionalities to transmit power, video, and audio.
  • It has a good cable length of 90 meters for an easy fit for your CCTV cameras.


A good CCTV cable is a must to have a reliable connection and transmission of the video signal and power. The cable should also have 3-in-1 functionality to transfer power, video, and audio in the same wire. The above-listed are some of the best CCTV camera cable available in the market that you can buy to have a reliable CCTV camera surveillance. We hope that this post helps you in getting a quality CCTV camera cable for your home or office surveillance.

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