Top 10 Best Books For TOEFL In 2022 & Buying Guide

Books have always been our best companion in every aspect of our lives and considered the best choice for any exam preparation. Many of us have dreams of studying our preferred subjects in some of the best foreign universities. Well, then you must be familiar with the TOEFL exam, which must be qualified before seeking admission. A good book can assist you throughout your journey and prove to be a versatile tool for all your queries. These books can guide you in solving your grammar and improve your vocabulary.

While planning for an exam and making strategies, books come alongside to guide you through your course and enhance your preparation. It is always suggested to have a great book even if some is taking a TOEFL course or a personalised tutor. There are plenty of books that are even present in your native language that can be more beneficial for your understanding and uplifting your performance. The market is flooded with plenty of such books but finding the right book for your preparation becomes tricky.

Top 10 Books For TOEFL In India

Here we have personally handpicked and gathered some of the best books to enhance your performance that is easily available online.

1) Cracking the TOEFL iBT 

Cracking the TOEFL iBT 

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This book provides core concepts to students and works as a great comprehensive element for TOEFL preparation. It does also contain great tips and tricks to save your valuable time in exams. Besides planning for strategies, it also provides practice sessions for reading, writing and improving listening. It teaches you to deal with real-time situations by packing CDs with it. If CDs are not your cup of tea, then you can also access MP3 files and online practice sessions.

Special Attraction

  • Focuses on each element
  • Comes with CDs and MP3 access
  • Great video instructions

2) The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test with 4 Full-length Authentic TOEFL Practice Tests

The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test with 4 Full-length Authentic TOEFL Practice Tests

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 This special textbook covers every aspect and often comes with lots of tests and practice sets for your preparation. People not just form India, but around the world are crazy about this book. It is the most reliable book that can provide the best guide throughout your journey. This book comes with some real TOEFL questions and some detailed explanation about solving them. It has all the necessary details and sets of requirements for this exam.

Special Attraction

  • Good integration skills
  • Four authentic TOEFL practise sets
  • Relevant information

3) Official TOEFL iBT Tests Volume I 

Official TOEFL iBT Tests Volume I 

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This book will provide all the necessary tools and tips to secure a great score in the TOEFL exam. It allows you to give a test once you have completed your daily or weekly sessions. This comes with Five retired test forms and has a short answer key to all of them. With all the latest information, this book has CDs and downloadable audio sessions. To make your preparation with more ease, it has proper answers to construct your English reading, writing and practising sessions.

Special attraction

  • Packed with interactive CDs
  • Perfect answers
  • Downloadable audio files

4) Cambridge Preparation for the Toefl Test Book 

Cambridge Preparation for the Toefl Test Book 

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This edition of this book is packed with all the latest information and techniques that help the students to ace good marks. It also helps the readers to communicate well in academic settings. Students can find all sets of audio cassettes that contain all the listening material, academic sessions and reading stuff. This also keeps an eye on your pronunciation.

Special Attraction

  • Interactive audio classes
  • Excellent guide
  • Great practice sessions

5) TOEFL 5lb Book of Practice Problems 

TOEFL 5lb Book of Practice Problems 

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The major advantage of owning this book is its essential information for students of any levels. Students from beginner to intermediate can acquire good resources from this book. Students can build basic and fundamental knowledge from their practice sets that are a compilation of more than 1500 questions over 46 chapters of this book.

Special Attraction

  • Online question banks
  • Step by the step learning process
  • Computer-based practice session

6) Barron’s Practice Exercises for the TOEFL Paperback

Barron's Practice Exercises for the TOEFL Paperback

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This practice exercise book comes with the latest and updated format which teaches all the tricks to achieve good marks in TOEFL. It has more than a thousand different exercises for all the sections of this exam. This comes with new MP3 audios for British, American and Australian dialects. It comes with revised score scales for visible improvement.

Special Attraction

  • Academic vocabulary feature
  • Integrated writing exercises
  • Great practise test

7) TOEFL iBT Prep Plus 2018-2019

TOEFL iBT Prep Plus 2018-2019

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This particular practise book comes with all the essential strategies, and language skillsets to ace this exam. They all come with practice sets and mini-test series. Along with the greatest number of practice tests, it also provides standard CDs and MP3. One can master their qualities of reading, writing and speaking and face this exam confidently. This book also has answers in detail and explained form.

Special Attraction

  • More than 95 min of audio
  • Focuses on each section
  • More than 450 practice questions

8) Barrons TOEFL Strategies and Tips

Barrons TOEFL Strategies and Tips

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This book helps to Create a strategic outline of all the necessary sections of the TOEFL exam. The main focus of this particular book remains on the required vocabulary skills and specially gathered 500 basic words to help in your exam. Works best as complementary vocabulary elements for students. Students can test their skills and abilities with the special sets of questions and work hard on their current situation.

Special Attraction

  • Interactive CDs and MP3 audios
  • Online access
  • Great practice sessions



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With all the books available out there, this book is also an excellent piece with 720 pages and 2 CDs of British nationals. It mainly focuses on the mistakes that are commonly performed by the students. This book has a great collection of grammar, vocabulary and reading materials. Along with all the features, it contains writing and reading tricks. The essays that are mentioned in these books are based on real-life situations of better understanding and learning. This book tests the writing ability and develops unique features while forming sentences. Complex sentences, body paragraphs and conclusions are mentioned here.

Special attraction

  • Made while focusing on the Indian students
  • Great for improving vocabulary
  • Advance level of English

10) Scoring Strategies for the TOEFL iBT Paperback 

Scoring Strategies for the TOEFL iBT Paperback 

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This book is based on the facts and tricks on solving the TOEFL exams. With all the practice sets and mini-tests, this book also teaches you to graphically point out all the TOEFL questions. Helps in recycling the argument strategies from one level to the next level. This book comes with the latest fact-based and opinion based on verbal responses. It helps you skillfully manage your time with and take fast and accurate notes for better performance.

Special Attraction

  • Easy and effective strategies
  • Provides a complete guide
  • Makes you efficient

Points to Consider Before Buying The Best TOEFL Books In India

Choosing the right books for you TOEFL preparation and finding the correct book for your companion can get tricky sometimes. One should prefer a good book that helps them regardless of their current intelligence level. According to the majority of Indian families, money spent on good books seems to be a good investment option. So, the price of a book doesn’t matter unless they come with silly questions. Selection of the TOEFL books can be made on to the basis of:

  • Books for TOEFL preparation

These are the basic books that help with all the tips and tricks for solving all the questions. Increasing your reading, writing and verbal ability is their main concern.

  • Books for TOEFL practice test

While these books help to let, you be aware of your current positions by giving tests and solving difficult questions.


These above-mentioned books are the best books currently available in the Market for TOEFL preparation. So, without wasting much time, one should go and grab a book that solves their problems and fits their budget.

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