Top 9 Best Baby Walkers In India 2022 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Becoming a parent is a landmark in one’s life. It gives us a chance to revisit every frame of our childhood, once again. The development of the baby takes place over time and perfect care and protection is needed during the development phase of the child. When the child begins to walk, his steps need to be properly aligned. The baby steps become the foundation stone for how he proceeds to learn walking and running in his entire life. Baby walkers help in aligning the center of gravity of your baby’s body, thus enabling him to stabilize himself while walking. It is highly recommended to select the best baby walker to give your baby an enhanced experience of baby steps.

Let us look at some of the reasons for choosing the best baby walker.

  • The baby needs inspiration and applause for walking those small steps. The baby walker with its features of dolls provide entertainment as well as persuades the baby to take those steps ahead.
  • The baby walker provides enough support to your child while he is starting to take those baby steps. In case the steps are feeble and your baby slips, there are chances that he might hurt himself. Hence it is recommended to use a baby walker.
  • Increase of mobility as the baby walker, with its wheels, allow the child to move from one corner of the room to another.
  • The baby walker keeps your baby engaged, thus allowing you to do your everyday chores as well as keep an eye on your baby.

Buying Guide for Baby Walkers

Before buying the baby walker, keep in mind the following points which must be looked into, before you purchase the walker. Let us have a look at few of the points:

  • Agility: The wheels of the baby walker should be smooth enough, thus allowing the easy rolling of the walker. But, care must be taken that the wheels should not skid on the ground, resulting in slipping of your baby.
  • Speed: The speed of the walker should not be beyond control. Speed within the control is always a plus, as you don’t want your baby to hit against the wall as he cannot control the walker.
  • Weight: A better baby walker is the light-weighted one, that prevents the utilization of excess energy on the baby walker. If your child has to expend more energy on the baby walker, it is time to change the baby walker and chose a better one.
  • Durability: It takes 12-16 months for a baby to learn walking properly and independently. The baby walker should be able to support the baby for the above duration, else you don’t want to continuously spend on the walker every three months.
  • Space: Comfort for your baby should be the priority. While you are choosing a baby walker, care must be taken that the walker has enough space for your baby to sit comfortably within the walker, thus allowing your baby not to injure himself due to the lack of space.

Best Buy Walkers for Babies Online in India

1. Mee Mee Baby Walker with Adjustable Height and Push Handle Bar

Mee Mee Baby Walker

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Mee Mee Baby Walker with Adjustable Height and Push Handle Bar is one of the best walkers which you can gift to your child. Attractive with a playful tray of various games, your child will enjoy the learning phase. The walker comes along with a long handle, which is fitted at the back, that ensures that you don’t end up losing control of your child. Since children are small, the wheels don’t move that easily, hence the fear of your child running too far away is cancelled. The wheels rotate in all directions, as the adjustable walker can be increased in height as the child grows. Let us have a look at some of the features:

  • Highly durable and can sustain any form of rough handling.
  • The tray of toys can be removed, if the child is putting the toys in his mouth.
  • The walker has a seat which can be easily removed as required.

Things we liked

  • Durability of the product as good, since the walker is sturdy and has rough exterior.
  • The height of the walker can be increased; hence your child can use it in the growing days.
  • Wonderful colors, which makes the child get glued to the walker.

Things we didn’t like

  • The music in the tray has shown has fault in its operation over the time.
  • The seat has to be removed with care; else the clips can get damaged.

2. Sunbaby Butterfly Walker

Sunbaby Butterfly Walker

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Sunbaby Butterfly Walker, one of the most portable walkers, with excellent rotation of the wheels, allow the babies to learn with fun. The walkers are built for the long term, since the height of the walkers can be adjusted in three different levels, as the age of the child grows. Fitted with a highly rigid framework, the walker comes in different attractive colors, which help in attracting the child. The seat of the walker is built in an extremely convincing way, which is stitched with perfection and provides wonderful support, so that your child doesn’t injure himself. Let us look at some of the best features of the walker.

  • The walker can be folded and be ported easily from one place to another, when not in use.
  • The tray of toys which can be availed by your kids also comes with playful tunes.
  • The space consumption for the walker is very less compare to other walkers.

Things we liked

  • Easy to increase height of the walker, that makes it suitable for long terms.
  • Wonderful stitching of the seat of the walker, which enables the child to learn safely.
  • The seating of the child on the cushion gives your child a comfortable experience.

Things we didn’t like

  • Issues with the working of the music has been identified.
  • Certain users have shown dissatisfaction with the hooks of the seat of the walker.

3. Amardeep and Co Baby Walker

Amardeep and Co Baby Walker

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Amardeep and Co Baby Walker is aimed at providing maximum comfort to your child, since the seating space provided in the walker is more compared to its competitors. The walker has an external sturdy framework, that enables the child to gain extra protection and increase of the agility. The agility of the child is increases since the walker can move in all the directions as it is fitted with eight wheels for eight different cardinal directions. The walker     is built up of very high quality product, that makes it withstand rough handling, which makes it unique. Let us have a look at some of the important features:

  • The walker, with multiple wheels, makes movement easier.
  • The safety of your child is increased since it provides sturdy and stability.
  • Excellent design to attract your kid to the walker.

Things we liked

  • Perfect ratio of the dimensions of the base to the height, thus making it stable.
  • More than just walking, your baby can have an understanding the various directions.
  • Excellent tray with various mini games and music to keep your baby engaged.

Things we didn’t like

  • Children having weights beyond 6 kgs are not recommended to use it.
  • Discomfort with the quality of the cloth which is used for the seat has been raised too.
  • Many edges are observed by the users at the lower layer, which can pierce the skin of the child.
  • Issues with the wheel has also been raised, that needs to be rectified.

4. LuvLap Sunshine Baby Walker

LuvLap Sunshine Baby Walker

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LuvLap Sunshine Baby Walker is one of the best baby walkers for the kids which is also highly recommended for the parents. With its high degree of customization and a plethora of facilities, the walker serves as an aid for making the life of the parents easier. The walker comes along with a tray that has a number of small toys for the delight of the children. It is built in with the idea to keep your child safe and busy, so that you can complete the daily routine and chores. You can even increase the height of the walker as per your requirement, since it is adjustable in three steps, which makes it durable and last long as the age of your child increases. Let us have a look at some of the best features:

  • The walker provides extremely comfortable seat for the child to seat in.
  • Customizable handles which can be used to take your child along with you
  • You can keep the walker stagnant by using the stoppers.

Things we liked

  • Arguably the best features are empanelled in the walker.
  • There is a foot rest which is placed, that enables your baby for resting his feet.
  • Mufti-directional rotation, which allows the baby to learn about various directions.
  • The tray of small toys engages the kid, hence attracts the children to the walker.

Things we didn’t like

  • Issues regarding the durability of the walker has been raised.
  • Certain consumers have shown worries about the safety, since the wheels don’t have controlled movement.
  • The strength of the walker is less compared to the others, hence chances of your child getting injured.
  • Issues with the stopper have been raised by few of the customers.

5. Baybee Smartwitty Stylish Baby Walker

Baybee Smartwitty Stylish Baby Walker

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Baybee Smartwitty Stylish Baby Walker is a child magnet product. As the product is aimed at increasing the fan base among the children, it is also one of those products that keep safety of the child as the first priority. Built in a perfect manner, the wheels provide an all-round rotation of the walker, which allows the walker to travel in different directions smoothly, and grow the sense of direction among your kids. There is a large movable tray along with the walker, which helps in the child being glued to the walker. Going through some of the best features of the walker include:

  • Excellent adjustment of the height for your child, which enables growth and longevity.
  • The child can lay down their backs easily on the walker.
  • Certified as one of the safest walkers for children.

Things we liked

  • The walker is best suitable for the parents with notorious kids as it will keep them busy.
  • Encouraging for the kids to try out new movements as it is easy to handle.
  • The product is portable as the part of the product can be re-assembled.
  • Installation and assembly of the product is very easy to be done.

Things we didn’t like

  • The walker doesn’t come along with light, hence cannot be used in dark room.
  • Injury to the ankles as the space for seating is less, thus ankles can touch the rear wheels of the walker.
  • Issue of wheels was also raised by few of the customers, regarding the free movement of the wheels.
  • Issues of missing screws were also reported, thus affecting the parts to be joined.

6. Baybee Winnie Baby Walker

Baybee Winnie Baby Walker

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The safety of our kids is always our most pressing concern. Under no circumstance are we ever willing to compromise on that. Baybee Winnie’s Baby Walker is certified by the stringent EN-71 certification, which ensures the best quality of material, design and mechanical strength of the Walker, so that you are left with no doubt about your baby’s safety. This particular Walker is rather handy and can be folded when not being used.

  • This Walker has a special U-shaped design
  • It comes with custom height adjust, so that your baby is always comfortable.
  • It includes a comfortable cushion seat and a very pretty toy tray so that your baby is always entertained.

What we liked:

  • The Walker comes with a 3-step height adjustment which is really handy.
  • This Walker is EN 71 certified. This means that this product is completely safe for the baby.
  • It comes in very attractive colors.

What we didn’t like:

  • The wheels are small and flimsy.

7. Mother touch Round Walker

Mother touch Round Walker

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MOTHERTOUCH is a household name when it comes to baby products. Its products are carefully designed and tested to provide maximum safety and comfort for your little one. The MotherTouch Round Walker is no different.

  • It comes with a height adjustable seat and a backrest which makes sure that your baby is blissfully comfortable in it.
  • The seat is removable and washable so that any stain can be removed and proper hygiene of the seat can be maintained.
  • It comes with durable and detachable toys on the toy tray. With these toys, your baby will never be bored while you are out on a stroll.

What we liked:

It is equipped with 360-degree rotating wheels for ease of movement.

It is not heavy and can be easily folded and carried.

It has a specially designed lock for proper safety.

What we didn’t like:

The lock tends to be flimsy and difficult to operate.

8. Goyal’s Monkey Baby Walker

Goyal's Monkey Baby Walker

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This is a unisex baby Walker which can take weight up to 25 kgs. It is a foldable walker which is easy to use and convenient to transport or carry anywhere. The height in this walker is adjustable according to the child using this.The minimum age for using this is 6 months. This doesn’t require a battery for walking purposes. However, batteries are required for lights, sound and music.

  • This walker can be used as long as the baby requires its help for walking.
  • In case there is any manufacturing defect, the company replaces the item or part within warranty period.
  • This weighs 5 kgs.
  • The dimensions are 64 cm, 55 cm, and 7 cm.

What we liked:

  • The rattles, lights and electronic musical buttons are its attractive features.
  • This baby walker has an extremely wide frame for child safety.
  • These are available in a variety of colors for children to like them.
  • This also has an extra cushioned comfortable seat with backrest for comfort and convenience along with safety and security.

What we didn’t like:

  • The cloth quality used for the seat is not as expected.

9. LuvLap Grand Baby Walker & Rocker

LuvLap Grand Baby Walker & Rocker

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This is a two in one design which can be converted into a baby walker as well as a rocker. There is a special feature of a detachable foot mat that is supposed to be used when the device is in the rocking mode and should be removed when it is in the walking mode. There are three different levels of height adjustments along with a fully functioning safety lock to make the walker easy and convenient according to the baby’s height.

  • There is a special toy tray which can hold the favourite toys of the baby, switches that will play music, and a light and a horn to keep the baby engaged and entertained.
  • The toy tray is detachable and can also be converted into a dining tray.
  • Weight capacity of this walker is up to 18 kgs.

What we liked:

  • The cushioned seat is also detachable, foldable, storable and washable.
  • There are 6 wheels in this walker smoothening 360-degree rotation for moving and turning.
  • The minimum age for this Walker is 6 months and maximum age is 18 months.

What we didn’t like:

  • There aren’t much color variations.

Bottom Line

In this article, we have talked about the importance of a baby walker for your child. Enabling your baby to learn those baby steps as well as growing with all-round development, the baby walkers are helpful for your child in shaping up the growth and learning the footsteps which enhance in proper posture and blood circulation. The proper blood circulation lays the foundation for physical development during the teenage as the muscles would be activated. Moreover, we have also laid out some of the basic guidelines which must be followed before you select the best baby walker. Criteria like height of the walker, presence of a side stand, presence of cushion near the chins should also be looked for, as your purchase the best baby walker. Top 5 Best Baby Walkers In India enhances on the best baby walkers that are available in the market, that makes them stand out as we have listed the best features and made an unbiased comparison about the best as well as the downturns of the baby walkers.

We hope you have a nice experience in purchasing of the baby walker for girl or for baby boy and do write to us about it.

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