Top 5 Best Baby Safety Helmet In India 2022

Helmets play an important role in the safety of an individual by protecting from unexpected accidents and many other issues. As it is said that prevention is better than cure than you can focus on the purchase of quality helmets and safe yourself.

Top Selling Products

1. keepcare Baby’s Safety Helmet 
2. Liltoes Baby Safety Helmet
3. Kradyl Kroft Baby Safety Helmet
Keepcare Baby's Safety Helmet Liltoes Baby Safety Helmet Kradyl Kroft Baby Safety Helmet
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When it comes to babies, most of the people avoid buying helmets for them thinking that it’s not that much important. Read Also: Best Child Safety Seat Belt for Two Wheeler in India

However, when babies learn cycling, they are also unsafe, and it can be risky. Due to this, you should always buy some quality baby helmets for them.

The Key Benefits of Wearing Baby Safety Helmets

As we all know that, wearing helmets while riding reduces the chances of accidents and probability of injury. It also prevents the babies because they have soft skin; that’s why helmets are necessary for them.

Baby helmets are designed to cushion and protect babies head from any kind of crash as well as give total protection against head injury.  Even, babies adopt the habit of wearing helmets, which will help them follow the same in future.

Buy Baby Safety Helmets Online In India

Choosing the best helmet for a baby can be a typical thing, and if you want to get ease during the selection, then you can consider going with our top 5 products.

The below mentioned are all those helmets which follow the quality standards, and they are designed with perfection to give the proper fitting.

1. DearJoy Baby Safety Helmet with Corner Guard & Proper Ventilation

DearJoy Baby Safety Helmet

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DearJoy is a popular brand, well known for quality products for babies. You can find that DearJoy Baby Safety Helmet with Corner Guard & Proper Ventilation is a great choice to have for your baby because it is lightweight, simple and impressive in term of design. Babies above the age of 9 months to 60 months can prefer this product and stay safe.

This helmet is designed to reduce the mitigating damages to baby head. It has a large adjustable size along with 100% cotton material which is comfortable and breathable. You can easily adjust places, and there is one paste office to ease up the work for you. Most of people have positive reviews due to these factors.

Things We Like 

  • Helmet straps are easy to adjust, making it comfortable.
  • Use of 100% cotton material enhances breathable properties.
  • Very soft and extra lightweight with proper air ventilation.
  • Good shock absorption capacity help with usability.
  • Durable due to the use of premium material in manufacturing.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • The gap between bridge is a little bit extra than it should be

2. Keepcare Baby’s Safety Helmet with Proper Ventilation

Keepcare Baby's Safety Helmet

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Having an adjustable helmet can ease up the work during long use, and it is reliable for all age babies. You can easily adjust the size with the help of straps, and if you want to tight it, then there is a specific limit. In most of the cases, you won’t face a single issue with the fitting because it can adjust very easily on babies’ head.

Reliability is always the major concern, and with this product, you are getting cotton filling, which is lightweight, and it is good to shock absorbent. One of the best this about this product is, there are plenty of colours available in it along with few patterns. You can choose the desired colour and design to grab the best deal with ease.

Things We Like 

  • Available in plenty of colours and patterns.
  • It has an adjustable size from 43cm to 56cm.
  • Very soft from inside with breathable material.
  • Fit perfectly from 9 months to 5 years old baby.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Feels like bit expensive as compared to the competition.

3. Kradyl Kroft Baby Safety Helmet with Corner Guard & Proper Ventilation

Kradyl Kroft Baby Safety Helmet

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One of the advanced baby helmets in this list is from Kradyl because of all the features they are offering in their helmet. As you buy Kradyl Kroft Baby Safety Helmet with Corner Guard & Proper Ventilation helmet, you can find a soft texture at outside, and it has a premium design also. There are many colour and patterns also available in the same which can make you buy it.

The product comes in cotton pouch packing, and you can find that it looks quite premium in the same. For the price point, you are getting an extremely soft texture, which can easily help you grab the best deal with ease. All the other versions are available at the same price point that’s why you can prefer them without any issue.

Things We Like 

  • Best for babies above the age of 9 months to 5 years.
  • Extremely comfortable and soft material to rely on.
  • Lightweight design to fulfil the need with ease.
  • Air ventilation system is reliable to opt for the same.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • No Cons reported except the high price.

4. Liltoes Baby Safety Helmet Corner Guard & Proper Ventilation with Kneepad

Liltoes Baby Safety Helmet

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Affordable choice along with premium features in a single unit is from Liltoes as they are offering one of the reliable choices for people with a tight budget. Liltoes Baby Safety Helmet Corner Guard & Proper Ventilation with Kneepad comes at an affordable price point that’s why you can consider it over the purchase of any other product.

The design is extremely reliable, and it has a soft texture at outsider body. For most of the buyers, it is good to go choice due to three reasons. It is lightweight, second, it is available for an affordable price, and the last factor is adjust ability with the strap. Babies above the age of nine months can easily get the fitting on so you can choose it as compared to the other products.

Things We Like 

  • Extremely lightweight design along with the affordable price.
  • Special IXPE material used in manufacturing for the highest shock-absorbent nature.
  • Size is easy to adjust and fits on almost every head-shape with ease.
  • Proper ventilation reduces the chances of sweat; that’s why reliable.
  • Knees pads included along with the helmet for free.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Knee pads are not that reliable due to the thin layer of protection.

5. Move On Baby Safety Helmet

Move On Baby Safety Helmet

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Move On may not be the most popular brand, but it is still known for the cheap price point. In case, you want to buy a very affordable helmet and don’t want to pay that much then Move On brand is good to go choice. With the Move On Baby Safety Helmet, you can grab the cheapest deal with all features in a single unit.

It can easily absorb shock, and the ventilation system is also reliable, which make this product most efficient in all kind. Crawling stage of a baby is risky as they try to stand and walk. In this period, chances of falling down are higher that’s why this helmet is for crawling babies mainly. Premium lightweight material makes it reliable to prefer over other products.

Things We Like 

  • Mainly designed for the crawling stage of babies.
  • Lightweight and easy to wear with the help of straps.
  • Designed with perfection to absorb shock easily.
  • Ventilation reduces sweat during the long hour of use.

Things We Didn’t Like 

  • Not that much durable due to cheap quality stitching.

How To Choose The Best Helmet?

As you know, helmets are necessary while riding the transport it reduces the chances of accidents and provides the security to the rider. It also prevents head injuries and crashes during the ride. Here the main purpose is choosing the best helmet. You should focus on the followings –

  • Types – There are different kinds of helmets designed by bike riders and small versions for babies are also manufactured in the same. These areas follow –
    • Full face helmets
    • Half shell helmets
    • Dual sport helmets
    • Open face helmets
    • Modular helmets
  • Certification – Whenever you have selected the helmets, must look for the ISI mark on the back of the helmet.
  • Purpose – There are different types of helmets for different purpose so you should know that which one fulfils the right need. It will ease up the work and help in various manners.
  • Material – Sturdy helmets are expensive because they have hard but lightweight material used in them.

After considering these major factors, you can easily grab the best deal and keep in mind that you don’t go for a cheaply priced product which can set you in various issues in future. As you will be buying helmets for babies, you have to go through less cluster, but you still stay focused to avoid getting into any issue.

Buying Guide for the Best Baby Safety Helmet

  • Safety: Consider buying a product that has a safety certificate. The main purpose of the helmet is to provide safety. So check the product before buying as to whether it has a safety certificate or not. Look for products that cover your baby’s helmets from all sides. Baby helmets with face guards can protect both head and face.
  • Size: buying a helmet that does not fit your baby’s head has no use. Helmets that are not properly fitted can do more harm than good. So use a soft tape rule to measure the size of your baby’s head before buying. Adjustable: Often not so seriously checked, this is an important factor to consider. Once the size is correct, adjusting it properly to your baby’s head ensures complete protection. Moreover, as your baby grows every year, you can reuse it till the time he requires it. 
  • Ventilation: The baby, while running, crawling, or playing releases heat. This causes the head to expel. Closed helmets can result in the heat being trapped and causes overheating. Make sure the helmet has proper ventilation that ensures the natural flow of air. 
  • Comfort: Proper ventilation in the helmet makes sure that the baby is comfortable. Also, check that the helmet should not be very tight. It must not cover his/her eyes. The material of the helmet should be soft enough that ensures the comfort of the baby. This makes his walking or crawling experience happy and fruitful.
  • Flatback: an essential feature that is required in any good helmet is a flat back. This ensures that the helmet fits the baby’s head well. It will protect the baby from injuries and keep him secure. 

Safety Hamlets vs. Bike Helmets

  • Safety helmets are especially baby helmets for home. They are thickly padded and are made up of soft spongy materials. The padding protects the baby from cuts and bruises. The padding also protects your furniture from getting scratched if the baby collides with it. Most helmets are well ventilated, keeping your baby cool and prevents excessive sweating.
  • Baby helmets for bike are used for outsides. They are much harder, thereby protecting the child from falling on harder surfaces. They should not be used indoors as it can cause damage to your house furniture.

Frequently asked questions

1) How to use a toddler helmet?

Helmets are a special step that is taken that protects the toddler baby from getting hurt. Make sure the helmet fits well. Put that helmet on your baby’s head, and you are good to go. The helmet is generally padded, which ensures that if your baby tumbles or falls, his face and head will be saved from injuries. 

2) When should the helmet be replaced?

There are three indicators for that: 

First check the sticker from CPSC, ASTM or Snell is there or not. If not, then it is time to replace it. Secondly, change the helmet if it has faced its first crash. Thirdly, check the product specification where its replacement time period will be mentioned. 

The Final Verdict

When babies learn a new thing, the chances of accidents are many. Learning cycling, roller skates and such other things can be risky.

Due to this, you should opt for the purchase of quality safety helmets, which will eradicate all the issues and help them stay safe for sure.

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