Best Anti-glare Glasses For Computer Use

Blue light-emitting out of smartphones, computers, laptops, and television is believed to be the major cause of insomnia and headache. However, this blue light is not as harmful as UV light coming from the sun but it could affect your daily life. The best way to deal with this is by investing in good quality antiglare glasses.

Best Anti-glare Glasses For Computer Use

These glasses block blue light and help you work for long hours without any strain. So if you also work in front of a computer, check these amazing options here. 

1) ViSpecs Blue Light Blocking

ViSpecs Blue Light Blocking Glasses with Anti Glare for Computer Reading/Gaming/TV/Phones Unisex Glasses for Women Men, Anti Eyestrain & UV Glare (Blue Cut/Blue Ray Cut) (Made in India)

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ViSpecs blue light blocking glasses are unisex glasses for computer/ TV/ laptop users. It comes with anti-eye and UV glare with a strong lens. These blue lens work remarkably by reducing the effect of blue light. It prevents human eyes from the light-emitting from (Tablets, Smartphone screen, Laptops, and Computer’s) that reaches deep and cause damage.

Due to this blue light, the eyes become dry and make us insomniac. ViSpecs lenses absorb ultraviolet light, making it more convenient for you to use electronics. 


  • Better screen view and greater clarity
  • Reduce eye strain & eye fatigue
  • Flexible and super lightweight


  • Low durability and light quality 


Unisex Round premium is a high-quality anti-blue ray glasses that feature a special coating. It reflects harmful blue rays of light, protects the eyes, and prevents swelling, and burning. It is good for those working on a computer for long hours.

These glasses do not allow blue rays to pass through so you won’t feel any discomfort. They are very light and scratch-resistant glasses. As we can say it’s a full scraping proof product. 


  • Durable and Effective 
  • Scratch-proof Glasses
  • Reduce Light effect 
  • Special Coating on Glasses


  • Medium frame Size
  • High in cost 

3) JIM HALO Retro Round

JIM HALO Retro Round Computer Glasses Blue Light Blocking Video Game Eyeglasses, Reduce Eye Strain Anti Glare Clear Lens Men Women Pink

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This high-quality Retro Round Computer glasses block harmful blue rays light with its anti-blue rays glasses. These lenses reduce eye strain, protect your eyes from blue light by electronic devices.  It also blocks harmful  UVA/ UVB rays and its vintage quality round plastic grime makes it perfect for office work, comfortable against the screen.

These anti-blue light glasses are very comfortable for both boys and girls. They are lightweight and the round cut makes it even more attractive. It reduces headaches and eye bending so you won’t face any problem in sleeping.


  • High-quality glasses
  • UV protection
  • Block harmful UVB/ UVA rays
  • Lightweight 


  • Low durability.
  • Light quality frame.

4) Opticalskart ®Premium

Opticalskart ®Premium Spectacles with Anti Glare Blue Ray Cut Block Glasses Zero Power for Eye Protection From Computer Tablet Laptop Mobile Eyeglasses Make in India, Colour May Vary (Half Frame)

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These Spectacles are very effective for eye protection against harmful blue rays. It prevents rays from emitting from zero powered computer glass, digital electronics (computer, mobile, tablet) devices. Its traditional glass makes it very attractive which is specially made for reading books.

It reduces eye-straining and protects them from any harm and the lightweight makes it even more comfortable. It is effective to reduce eye disease such as swelling. Also, it reduces the headache caused by blue rays. This model is designed to have good durability and flexibility. It allows your eyes to blink and function properly. Those who work on a computer all day should wear this to protect their eyes from harmful blue light.


  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Specially made for Reading books
  • Lightweight and attractive
  • Good durability & flexibility
  • Effective for Eye protection from blue light.


  • Designed for only Books reading

5) Peter Jones Cat-eye

Peter Jones Cat-eye Anti Glare Reading Glasses for Men Women, Computer Readers UV 400 Customise Prescription (AG030)

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 This Cat Eye Anti-Glare Reading Glass is designed for readers. These glasses make you more attractive. It comes with a zero-power lens and you can easily replace it with your frames too. When you watch a movie, computer, TV, or mobile, it protects your eyes from damage, which is anti-glare light resistance.

This is an Anti-Thick Radiation Eye Protection Eyeglass that comforts your eyes while gaming. It also protects you from a brain embolism. You will get a good sleep and it also reduces eye strain.


  • Attractive look 
  • Easy to replace with power lenses.
  • Protect eyes from blue rays
  • Reduce headache and eye strain.


  • It’s designed only for readers.

6) Blue Light Blocking

JIM HALO Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses, Reduce Eye Strain Anti Glare Clear Lens Video Eyeglasses Men Women Black

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 These Anti-glare glasses reduce headache problems and are comfortable to wear. It keeps your eyes healthy and protected from dangerous blue rays that come from computers, mobile, etc. It gives you UV400 protection, block rays, and relaxes your eyes from the light strain.

It is designed for office work, reading books, etc. The lenses are made of Clear composite plastic, so you can be sure that it will last long. However, you will need to protect it from scratches and drops. 


  • Comfortable in use
  • Reduce eye strain
  • Nose pads in frame
  • Block 90% of high energy blue light


  • Scratches problem
  • Low in anti-blue line protection

7) Dona Venture Blue

Dona Venture Rectangular Men Unbreakable Matte Finish Spectacle Frames With Anti-glare for Eye Protection, Black, Zero Power Blue Cut Lens

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Blue-ray cut computer spectacles are a good option for people who wants to look fresh while working. With these glasses, you will start to notice greater clarity and better viewing. It reduces eye strain and eye fatigue. It also prevents your eyes from harmful blue light rays and keeps your eyes safe.

The super lightweight frame is designed for flexibility and comfort. It will improve the viewing experience and allow your eyes to blink freely. The scratch-resistant protective layer and anti-glare coating eliminate reflection on the lens surface. It reduces blue light that causes headaches, eye issues, and sleep problems. 


  • Reduce blue light
  • Flexibility and comfortableness.
  • Lightweight frame design


  • Low quality 
  • Glasses are not good.

8) Faddish Anti-glare

Faddish Anti-glare Round Kids Spectacle Frame with UV400 & Bluelight Blocking Computer Glasses for Eye Protection from Bluelight by Computer Tablet Mobile (BUBBLE BBL|Blue Block Lens| UV400 |Blue GRD)

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These blue light blocking glasses has a rectangular spectacle frame made of eco-friendly material. It is also skin-friendly, which makes it perfect for allergic people. It has a nose pad to avoid nose marks and it also gives amazing protection from Blue light rays. This model is super flexible and comfortable to use at any time.

You can use it for casual or daily rough uses. It allows your eyes to blink and function naturally. Those who work more than 10 hours should wear these glasses to protect their eyes from strain and fatigue. 


  • Made of Eco-friendly material
  • Protect eyes from blue light rays
  • Good manufacturer and quality
  • Flexible and comfortable


  • Ideal for boys and girls(5 to 7 years)

9) Specsmakers Blue Zero

Specsmakers Unisex Shiny Black Round Anti-glare Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses (49mm - Medium)

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These glasses from Specsmakers are designed to give you maximum comfort and protect your eyes from blue light rays. It gives you a stylish look, and both boys and girls can wear it. If you experience headaches while working, then it will reduce it and also comfort your eyes.  It is lightweight anti-blue light glasses. that can be used for casual or daily rough uses. While wearing it, you will be able to blink and function without any issues. 


  • One year manufacturing guarantee
  • Trendy and durable light frame
  • Zero power computer glasses
  • Suitable for men & women.


  • Not suitable for office work.

10) SSpecsmakers Small

Specsmakers Unisex Gold Rectangle Anti-glare Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses (51mm - Medium)

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These are another great blue-lens glassed from Specsmakers. You could wear it for office use or formal meetings. It will give full protection against harmful blue rays from the computer, mobile, etc., and will stop them from coming into your eyes. Its frame is very light and you will also love the flexibility it offers.

It prevents eye strain and eye fatigue and reduces the headache caused by blue light. In short, it is perfect for eye health and clear visibility. 


  • Anti-Blue light rays
  • Flexible in use.
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Clear visibility


  • Poor manufacturer quality

 Buying Guide for Anti-glare Glasses For Computer Use

There are a few factors to be considered when looking for anti-glare glasses. Not all glasses are created equal and you should only buy one that suits your face and needs. Have a look at these points to develop a better understanding. 

Frame Components

Any eyeglass frame consists of 3 major parts in its construction (frame front, temples, and lenses). knowing your frame speciation is very important. It will help you choose a frame that fits you perfectly. Loose frames are difficult to manage and they could also drop with slight movement in your body. 

Frame Size

We can divide the eyeglasses frame size into three parts – small, medium, and large. Frame size is a combination of numeric values usually represented in order (eye size- bridge size & temple size). All frames seem equal but you should test physically to get the perfect fit. 

Frame and Face Shapes

It depends on your face shape that which frame style and size will look pretty on your face. For example- round-faced people should always put frames with some edges. This will give your face a tough look and make it more aesthetic. 

Frame Material

Frame material is also very important while choosing a frame.Ex- Acetate ,TR90,wood etc. Some materials last longer, that’s why you should always opt for a product that is made of durable material. 

Lens Coating

Lens coating is also important while choosing glasses. It helps to enhance the quality of your lens and it also prevents breaking. Read the specification properly as it is the best way to get this type of information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best type of Anti-glare glass available in the market?

There are many brands in the market like Vincent Chase and Rayban that offer better quality glasses. Frames and lenses from reputed brands last longer and they also provide better protection. 

 Do Anti-glare glasses really help? 

Yes, because the anti-reflecting coating is proven to reduce eye strain. You could see a huge difference while working with or without an anti-glare glass. Naked eyes get fatigued but when you wear blue-cut glasses, it blocks the harmful rays, which reduces eye strain and stress. 


Before buying anti-glare glass, make sure that it is of good quality and should be comfortable on your eyes. All the products listed in this article are from reputed brands and can be completely effective to reduce problems related to your eyes. It’s better to buy a bit expensive quality product instead of buying a crappy item.

Glasses are very important to protect our eyes, they save you from various infections like conjunctivitis, itchy eyes, etc, that are caused due to dust, smoke, or any other dirt entering our eyes.

We hope that you will be comfortable in buying an anti-glare glass of your choice from this article. We assure you to provide you with the most authentic information which will benefit you today and in the future also.

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