Top 10 Best Air Coolers in India 2022 & Buying Guide

Air coolers are a must for Indian summers. Regardless of which state you live in, the air coolers help you to spend calm and peaceful evenings at home. In case you are looking to get rid of harsh summers and do not want to spend your hard earned money to the ACs, then these cheaper options of dealing with the summers would be a perfect choice for you.

As said the air coolers are a popular thing to have at home, there are numerous brands involved in it to attract the buyers. And although they all provide a great product to the buyers, but if you were looking for an air cooler for your home that can provide you the best service and maintenance-free operation, then you should look for the best air cooler for yourself. In case you are confused by the numerous brands and models of air coolers available in the market, then go through the following buyers’ guide to know about the things that matter the most while purchasing the air coolers.

Buyer’s Guide for a perfect air cooler

In case you are buying the air cooler for the first time, then the numerous brands and models available in the market having different features and price range. If yes, you may find this quick buyers’ guide quite helpful. So, go through these points and keep them in mind while searching for an ideal air cooler for your home.

  • Size of the room where you want to use the air cooler
  • Room Ventilation
  • Humidity level and surroundings
  • Value for money
  • Features of the air cooler you are planning to buy

In case you are still confused about which product you should buy, then here are a few best air coolers available in the Indian market. Go through them, and choose the best one according to your preferences and budget.

1. Symphony Hicool 31 Litre Air Cooler with Remote Control

Symphony Hicool 31 Litre Air Cooler with Remote Control

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If you were looking for a feature-rich and efficient cooler from a renowned brand for your bedroom, then the Symphony Hicool would be a perfect choice for you. Along with the efficient cooling, there are several more features that are exclusive to the air cooler that makes it a great value for money product for the Indian buyers. Here are the unique things that we loved about the cooler.

  • Great personal cooler for the 175sqft room
  • Comes with a remote. You won’t have to reach out to the cooler to switch it off.
  • Efficient cooling

Things we liked

  • Clever set of features
  • Water easily lasts for a night

Things we didn’t liked

  • Dull customer care service

2. Bajaj DC2015 43 Ltrs Room Air Cooler

Bajaj DC2015 43 Ltrs Room Air Cooler

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For those buyers who are looking for an efficient air cooler that can easily serve the room of 600 sqft, the Bajaj DC2015 would be a perfect choice. With efficient cooling and a perfect air throw, this is an ideal product for those users who are willing to buy a reliable product for themselves. Here are a few unique points about the air cooler

  • Durable build quality
  • Efficient cooling
  • 3-way speed control

Things we liked

  • Easy to move
  • Air throw of 50 ft makes it one of the most powerful coolers in the Indian market

Things we didn’t liked

  • Warranty only covers the fan.

3. Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler

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For those buyers who are looking a perfect option for the dessert coolers for their homes, this amazingly designed air cooler from Crompton greaves would be a great choice. The air cooler is equally reliable as a dessert cooler, provides likewise cooling  and is more durable than a traditional metal body dessert cooler. Here are a few unique features of the Crompton Greave Ozone that we loved the most.

  • Easy to use
  • Great water holding capacity
  • Great product for harsh summer nights

Things we liked

  • 75-liter water capacity makes it a great cooler for summers. Fill it once and forget about it until the night.
  • Extremely easy to use features

Things we didn’t liked

  • Noisy at higher speeds

4. Orient Electric Smartcool Dx CP2002H 20 Litres Air Cooler

 Orient Electric SmartcoolDx CP2002H 20 Litres Air Cooler

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For those buyers who are looking for an unmatched cooling option for their bedrooms, the Orient Electric Smart cool DX CP2002H is a perfect buy. With denser cooling pads and brilliant air throw, this is an ideal product for a 150sqft room. It is a great buy for the students or a couple who are looking to buy a reliable product for the harsh summers. The unique things about the air cooler are listed below

  • Dust filter for better air quality
  • Rustproof ABS body
  • 1-year warranty

Things we liked

  • Easy to move
  • Great for the bedrooms

Things we didn’t liked

  • Vibrations at higher speeds

5. Symphony Ice Cube 27 Ltrs Air Cooler (White/Blue)

Symphony Ice Cube 27 Ltrs Air Cooler

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If you were looking for a reliable air cooler for your bedroom and want to buy a silent yet an efficient air cooler that has adequate airflow, then the Symphony Ice cube air cooler would be a perfect buy for you. Apart from having a good capacity that can last easily for a night in summers, there are a few more unique things about the about the air cooler that we want to mention here.

  • Honeycomb cooling pads for better efficiency and cooler air
  • Vibration-free operation
  • Automatic vertical swing

Things we liked

  • Good water capacity
  • Efficient cooling. Perfect for a 165 sqft room

Things we didn’t liked

  • Won’t be effective for larger rooms.

6. Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Room Air Cooler

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Room Air Cooler

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If you are buying a reliable and efficient air cooler for your room in this summer, so here is an another brilliant product platini PX97 torque 36 ltr from Bajaj. Its product dimensions (LxBxH): 45.5 cm x 43.5 cm x 82.0 cm and easily removable pads, with Castor wheel for easy mobility along with 1 year warranty. This is perfect air cooler for this hot summer, we have described below some more features.

Things we liked about it

  • Noise less operation
  • It has cooling coverage area 150sq Ft.
  • Amazing water capacity
  • Honeycomb cooling media
  • Compact & Portable

Things we did not liked about it

  • A lot of noise at higher speed
  • Dull customer care service

7. Symphony HiCool-i

Symphony HiCool-i

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The unique amalgamation of modernism and top-notch performance along with the i-pure technology and 5 powerful filtration processes, including the compact design and easy breezy look is all you need in your smart and convenient personal cooler.

  • It has a capacity of 31 litres with an empty water tank alarm.
  • This is convenient up to 50 cubic metres of room size.
  • There is an exclusive dura pump to ensure longevity and motor protection.
  • The user-friendly touch control which is extremely easy to use and has the full function remote and system restore function is the best control panel you can ask for.

Things we liked:

  • This has a highly effective honeycomb cooling pad along with cool flow dispenser for best results.
  • It has i-pure technology along with multi stage air purification filters.
  • It not only purifiers bacteria, smell, and dust, but also includes allergy filter, wash filter, and dirt filter.
  • If you are worried about voltage fluctuations the SMPS technology takes care of it and provides protection.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The cooling technology requires care, otherwise is damaged.

8. Symphony Siesta 70 litres

Symphony Siesta 70 litres

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The Symphony Siesta is an excellent model for big room cooling and air filtering. This is an extremely lightweight cooler so that customer can fix minute details like wheels themselves or even easily lift the cooler. It is also available with grass pads which can be cleaned by opening the sides of the cooler.

  • It has a capacity of 70 litres.
  • The product dimensions are 61.8 cm, 50.5 cm and 111.5 cm.
  • These have very strong wheels for easy mobility throughout the house.
  • The powerful 16-inch fan circuits cold air all around. It requires an operating voltage of 230 v and needs 160 Watts to function.
  • The product has a warranty of 1 year.

Things we liked:

  • This cooler guarantees specially designed front grill for maximum air delivery and uninterrupted long cooling.
  • Once you have guaranteed proper cross ventilation in your room, the cooler will work extremely effectively.
  • The water capacity is extremely high and ones failed can run for up to 16 hours.

Things we didn’t like:

  • It is not noiseless.
  • It does not have a remote-control system.

9. Bajaj Frio

Bajaj Frio

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This has hexa-cool technology. It has a specially designed cooling media in a hexagonal shape to deliver maximum cooling with minimum water consumption. This room air cooler is ideal for room size up to 150 square feet and can be used during all kinds of climates and even coastal regions. There are three different modes of speed control so that you can adjust the air flow, temperature, and speed according to your requirement and convenience.

  • The dimensions of this cooler are 44.5 cm, 34 cm, and 78 cm.
  • This requires an operating voltage of up to 240 V and the power of 140 Watts.
  • Its usp is high air delivery for faster cooling.

Things we liked:

  • It also has an ice chamber that can be filled with ice cubes for chilly air, with faster and improved cooling experience, just as you like it.
  • Its powerful air throw is also recommended as the air reaches up to 30 feet and covers a pretty good distance covering every corner of the room.
  • This cooler is also equipped with typhoon blower technology for quick and efficient cooling.
  • It has as a capacity of about 23 litres.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The ice chamber leaks at times.

10. Havells Celia

Havells Celia

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It has a capacity of 55 litres. The fully collapsible louver prevents dust and insects from entering inside the air cooler and damaging the system. There is a one-year warranty from the date of purchase for any product defects, damages, or features not working. It saves lot of electricity because of its judicious consumption.

  • The dimensions of this cooler are 66 cm, 51 cm and 115.5 cm.
  • Requires an operating voltage of 240 v and 220 Watts of power.
  • This cooler weighs about 20 kgs.

Things we liked:

  • There is a special low noise making feature to make sure the cooler doesn’t disrupt your activities or sleep.
  • There is a cooler range that boasts unique features like fan designs and strong air delivery. To be of 3500 metre cube per hour to cool larger areas effectively.
  • There is a fully functional remote control providing effortless operation and control.
  • There is an ice chamber as well that allows instant chilled air to be produced from ice cubes.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Pump often needs servicing.

Buying Guide:

Cost: The cost is a very important factor while you are buying air coolers because they can be found in a variety of range starting from five thousand to fifty thousand. While it is not always necessary that high priced goods are the better ones there are certainly some special amenities and features provided as the price range climbs higher.

Reviews: In this global capital is world with rely deeply upon other customers. The ones that have come before us and the ones who have more experience. reviews and ratings play a very crucial role in determining are buying capacity and experience because we get filter less and true review about the product.

Requirements and Research: We should all know what we need before making any economical decision. Thus, it is important to point down all that we aspire or require from the air cooler we ought to purchase. Then we should match those with the existing products in the market and see which one fits perfectly.

Control: Air coolers can be of different sizes, technologies, requirements, price range, and features. One of the central differences that categorizes air coolers into two divisions are the ones with remote control and the ones with direct machine control. In large gatherings or places the large machine-controlled ones are more applicable because it is impossible to control it with a remote with a variety of people around. But for household or small indoor purposes, the one with the remote control is definitely more convenient and helpful.


So, these were the five best air coolers that you can buy in India. Choose the one that suits your needs and budget and is a perfect choice for the room you are buying for.

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